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CMS-XML PCLI Put - How to check in file from non default workfile location
If the files are located at C:\test\chess\server\server.bat and C:\test\chess\server\shutdown.txt , you would set your basepath option to / to indicate that the -a directory C:\test is at the project hierarchy level of /.
MS-POWERPOINT Leveraging PCLI to extend the use of Version Manager
Gets files based on a ... projects without matching files . ... Finds labels in files based on a ... Lists files where default or labeled revisions are different from files in the default ... ... revisions of a file . ... paths of all files in the PDB ... of the selected file . How can I suppress the PCLI banner info? ... :\> pcli echo test ... Version Manager ( PCLI ) v8 ... ... option to the PCLI interpreter, before ... ... :\> pcli -nb echo ... ... :\> set PVCS_NO ... ... :\> pcli echo test
CMS-XML How To: PCLI : Check out files in a Project Database from command line using PCLI
pcli run -sgetwithcfgs.pcli Note: Working directories cannot be accessed via UNC due to the limits of the get.exe.
CMS-XML PCLI: How to get files by label or promotion group without seeing warnings for files that do not match and/or empty directories being created for projects without matching files
To avoid the problems indicated above, you can use the GetRev.pcli script that is attached to this article. It works largely analogous to the regular Get command, with the following major differences:
CMS-XML PCLI script to automatically add new files and check-in updates to existing files
The attached PCLI script scans the workfile location (s) for the given project(s) and automatically checks in changes to existing files and adds files that don't currently exist in the project. The ... remove files from the repository that it can no longer find in the workfile location , so it in that sense it does not perform a true Sync operation. Information on how to use the script is contained within the file , near the top.
CMS-XML Version Manager: PCLI errors when users forget to specify files or projects when using PCLI commands.
When a PCLI command operating on files or projects is not given a file or projec to work on, users will get one of the following errors depending on what command is being used: AddFiles: This command requires one or more files to add. AssignGroup: This command requires one or more projects or versioned items.
CMS-XML How To: : Associate PCLI scripts in Windows, so that they can be run without "pcli run -s"
Create a script and from Windows Explorer, right click the file and choose "Open With..." Browse to the directory where the Version Manager executables are stored (the default is C:\Program Files \VM\Win32\bin) and select "pcli.exe". Click OK.
PDF Microsoft PowerPoint - 574-BOM4 - Track4 - Richard Gering - Leveraging PCLI [Read-Only]
ExaminePDB.pcli and reports all journal file locations . A REVOLUTION IN DEVELOPMENT Copyright ©2007 Serena Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
CMS-XML MVR: How does the VM login source affect Mover?
When Mover transfers files from Version Manager, it actually runs a PCLI command to get the files out of VM. One tricky area is how the Version Manager login sources are used by Mover.
CMS-XML How to delete a Promotion Group from an Archive that no longer exists in the Promotion Model?
Temporarily add the group (back) to the Promotion Model in the desktop client GUI, delete it from the archive(s) and then delete the group from the model (again). Use PCLI to delete the group from one or all files . One file:
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