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CMS-XML -mailadd for cmnuser does not add mail address when user is created
-mailadd for cmnuser does not add mail address when user is created
CMS-XML KM-Dim9:21018-WS_NO_CREATE_MFILE Error: Cannot create mail file %s
KM-Dim9:21018-WS_NO_CREATE_MFILE Error: Cannot create mail file %s
CMS-XML Dim10: Can one create their own email events in Dimensions 10?
Adding mail events is not available in Dimensions. The admin can configure the already created email events to specify which users or group e-mail messages are sent to.
CMS-XML Email submit creates bogus ID numbers for new records
When using Email submit, it is common to have notifications set to email a message that a new record has been created. If the record in the notification message refers to a record that does not exist or an old record that has existed for a long time, you likely have another server actively affecting the mail processes.
CMS-XML Read timed out Error message for MailClient email submit : ERROR ForkJoinPool-1-worker-1 2018-10-23 19:18:38,129 [notificationsrv.MailSubmitParser.MailClient] -- MailBox: "mailboxname", Could not create item "test item" at project "Projectname". Error: Read timed out
Go to Configurator> Mail Services>Notification Server>Common Options>Web Services Invocation Timeout and increase the value. You need to Apply for this to take affect. Note this will restart services so should be done outside of main working hours.
CMS-XML Customize E-mail Templates for Notifications
The fields which are part of this tag are defined when you create the notification in the administrator. ... If the user doesn't have permission to view the issue/ incident , the value will be "******" instead of the actual value.
CMS-XML How To: VM Security - ACD Creation & Maintenance; Access Lists; Base Privileges
Note: This entire document, with illustrations, is zipped (Word 95, 6.0 Format) and can be "Detached" for e-mailing or faxing; BOTTOM-RIGHT.
CMS-XML How do I delete a Plugin that is setup in the Mail Services section of Configurator?
In versions of SBM 10.1.2.X in the Configurator tool when you click on the "Mail Services" area there is a place you can add plugins. After you add a plugin there you can then create notifications that use channels that in turn use those plugins. If you click on the Remove button next to the plugin on this screen it might not do anything and the plugin won't go away.
CMS-XML Raw HTML codes display when email inserted my Mail Client
If we send a rich text email that does not have any hyperlinks, the email body is imported as expected in plain text. If the a user includes a hyperlink (such as the user's email address in hyperlink format) then the submitted email places the HTML code used to create the formatted email into the mapped description field.
CMS-XML Dim10: How to Setup/Configure Mail Notification in Dimensions 10.1?
The mail notification events now occur in two phases. The first phase is the server creating an "event record" in the database. To check that the server is configured properly, you could have a look at this table to see if it is creating rows for the events.
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