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CMS-XML How to change the rotating / loading image used on default Service Request forms.
How to change the rotating / loading image used on default Service Request forms.
CMS-XML TeamTrack Image Cache - How to Improve performance between the Server and Browser
Image loading is negotiated exclusively between IIS and the Browser, and any redundant image loading is governed by the IIS configuration and/or the Browser's caching preferences, not by TeamTrack. Please see the resolution for IIS and browser setting to ensure optimal performance.
CMS-XML Image control does not display on new investment dialog
When going to the View Designer & dropping an image control on portfolio investment summary view default tab & point it at a valid image. Then go to investments module and create new portfolio investment. The new investment dialog does not display image.
CMS-XML Unable to load initial data for Work Center
Application Repository is inaccessible too with "Internal Server Error (500)" Running Static Diagnostics test shows all successful except Notification server and Mail Client Database Connection: Cannot connect to the Application Engine database or an internal error has occurred server.log showing many JDBC connection error such as:
CMS-XML Link in email notification doesn't correctly select invesment
Link in email notification may not correctly select the intended investment for users, if the users were not using one of the views in the investment module the last time they visited Mariner. If a user was working on any other module than Investment module , , he or she will experience this and possibly get confused. RESOLUTION: Fixed (in Mariner 5.1)."
CMS-XML Error: #1567 Mail open error: The mail system is not installed correctly.
Tracker and Notify found the VIM.DLL and was using the cc: Mail executables . Unfortunately, it found MS Mail's post office before it found cc:Mail's post office. That is what caused the error.
MS-WORD All attached modules are in TSO transmitted binary format
self-extracting file with an “ext” extension due to our email system not allowing sending/receiving files with “exe” file extensions. 2. To extract the beta patch replacement component, double click on the file,
PDF Serena Deployment Automation SDA 6.1 Email Plugin
Step2:Install the plugin • Login to SDA go to Administration | Automation select the Plugins drop-down • Click on the Load Plugin button, browse to the downloaded zip file and click on Load and the EmailClient plugin should now appear. SDA 6.1 EmailClient PluginTutorial
CMS-XML KM-Build6: OMEMAIL: Mail retured HELO error (501 5.0.0 HELO requires domain address)
Catalyst made a fix to one of our perl modules that was preventing the smtp parameter from being passed through properly in omemail. Unzip the attached zip file (renamed to .abc) to the root of the client install. The library will be correctly placed in the required sub directory.
CMS-XML CMN37, DB2 table update and image copy
In the DB2 options manual (version 4.1.6, page 2-3) it states 'An IMAGE COPY must be performed after the LOAD [of the CMNx.CMNBASE table] so that the table is eligible for dynamic INSERTs and DELETEs during Baseline Ripple'. An image copy can be a separate step, or the keyword LOG can be set to YES to perform the copy while the table is being loaded.
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