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CMS-XML SRA: Remote agent is not connecting to the server
locked/agent.service.password=nopass serenaRA/java.home=C\:\\Program Files (x86)\\ Java \\ jre 7 The file has three properties where the server hostname/IP/port must be match those the server is listening on:
CMS-XML SDA: Agent: Agent does not appear: java.lang.SecurityException: The current user cannot create subresources.
at at com.urbancode.ds.subsys.resource.domain.ResourceFactory.createResource(ResourceFactory. java :73) at com.urbancode.ds.subsys.resource.domain.ResourceFactory.createResource(
CMS-XML Java error occurring when running any WLS action
cd <WLS HOME>/server/lib <Nolio Agent Home>/ jre /bin/ java -jar ./wljarbuilder.jar 3. Stop and Start the Nolio Agent service.
CMS-XML SRA: Agent only install is failing
The above error can be caused if there is an ANT_HOME variable set to another version of JRE . Removing this variable for the install and making sure that the ANT path was not in the System Path variable fixes the issue.
CMS-XML SDA: Agent does not appear in the UI - run mode does not start but hangs at: 2014-10-22 08:08:45,065 - Agent version:
locked/ serenaRA/java.home=/opt/serena/Deployment Automation Agent /_ jre version=
CMS-XML Release Automation: 3.21 Weblogic action pack
Home>/server/lib <Nolio Agent Home>/ jre /bin/java –jar ./wljarbuilder.jar
CMS-XML Release Automation: 3.1 Weblogic action pack
v <Nolio Agent Home>/ jre /bin/java –jar ./wljarbuilder.jar
CMS-XML ChangeMan DS 5.6.1 ReadMe
· If JRE version 1.4 is detected by the install program during the installation of a ChangeMan DS Windows client or communication agent , you are prompted to select one of the following options: § "Change current JRE version in registry" - If chosen, the installation will update the current version of JRE to 1.3.1. § "Reinstall Java Runtime Environment 1.3.1" - If chosen, the installation will install JRE 1.3.1_01.
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
violated Other- Agents on SunOs produce defunct processes Permissions- End User Default does not grant view on project components Permissions- Group permissions are ntot recognized for ChangeMan ECP user restricted login POA- Not Able To View Large Installation Package History On Java & Web Clients POA- Incorrect Syntax in Installation scripts results in POA go into IFL state POA- Approval Comment Should Be Included In Email POA- Backout
PDF Upgrading from Dimensions 6.0 to 7.0
Click on De-install Products, open Independent Products and Dimensions in the Explorer window. Check all four available boxes: Java Runtime Environment Oracle Remote Configuration Agent Oracle Universal Installer Oracle Click Remove and then Yes. Exit the Universal Installer.
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