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CMS-XML Tips for Securing SBM Server
Tips for Securing SBM Server
CMS-XML 'Generate All' button the Configurator > Advanced Settings > Security > Secure SBM tab is grayed out
'Generate All' button the Configurator > Advanced Settings > Security > Secure SBM tab is grayed out
CMS-XML How does SBM connect to a SSL protected server
SBM has several Java-based components that can make calls to outside services that are protected with SSL. A few of these services are the Notification Server, Mail Client, Orchestration Engine and Application Repository. Orchestrations that use HTTPS SSL endpoints do so under the purview of the Orchestration Engine. When these services attempt to contact an SSL enabled endpoint (web service, Exchange Server, etc), it is required to tell the SBM JDK to trust the SSL certificate provide to it by the endpoint.
CMS-XML Using SourceBridge from the VM I-Net Web Client when the connection to the SBM server uses HTTPS (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL)
When the VM I-Net server (Serena VM Web Application Server) needs to talk to an SBM , TeamTrack or Tracker server using SSL (HTTPS), it is crucial that the Java Runtime Engine (JRE) used by Version Manager can verify the SSL certificate. This is not a problem when the certificate is a public one, obtained from the commercial Certificate Authorities (CA) Java knows about, but it can become problematic when the SSL certificate is either self-signed or signed by a non-public Certificate Authority.
CMS-XML ALF Events from Dimensions CM are not Received when SBM Tomcat Requires HTTPS (SBM 11.0 or Higher)
This article specifically applies to customers using SBM 11.0 or higher with a version of Dimensions CM prior to 14.3. If secure connections to SBM Tomcat are required, ALF events from Dimensions CM are not received and processed by SBM . This is due to the fact that CM that mistakenly closes the SSL socket connection, which SBM interprets as an error and prevents CM events from being received.
CMS-XML How-To Setup CAC / SmartCard in SBM 11.2 and later
In this setup, we will not require client certificates on the entire IIS web site. In some secure sites, this is necessary. In all sites, this document is the basis for setting up CAC/SmartCard.
CMS-XML Configurator gives error "Unable to configure gatekeeper-core-config.xml. This may affect normal functioning of Single Sign-On features." and can't set overrides in Secure SSO section.
This error was caused by a change that was made to the following file outside of configurator. C:\Program Files\Serena\ SBM \Common\Tomcat 7.0\server\default\webapps\idp\WEB-INF\conf\Configuration.xml In this case there was a section remarked out by the customer and was causing configurator to not be able to update the override section which in turned caused the gatekeeper-core-config.xml file to not get the override set.
CMS-XML In 11.3 Configurator can now easily enable the following secure response HTTP header options for IIS and Tomcat
X-CONTENT-TYPE-OPTIONS (anti-sniffing) X-XSS-PROTECTION (cross-site scripting filtering) Adding secure header responses from IIS and Tomcat tightens security and can prevent malicious attacks against your SBM system.
CMS-XML Auto Logout while actively using SBM
Check the SSO session lifetime from Configurator > Security > Secure SSO.
CMS-XML How-To Setup SBM on a TLS hardened server / Disable SSL
All versions of SBM 10.1.3 and later disable SSL v1.0 - SSL v3.0 by default. This is located in the SBM Configurator > Security > Secure SBM . For all earlier versions of SBM , an SBM upgrade is required.
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