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CMS-XML Change the Text Color of Inactive Items
The example below demonstrates how to change the color of inactive items to red. ... 4. From SBM System Administrator , select ... 5. Stop and start your Web server and clear your browser cache for the change to take effect .
CMS-XML Mashup Script may cause unexpected results when using UpdateWithLock() in a Shell.Item context
If you are using Mashup Scripts where you have a Shell.Item, invoking the Ext.UpdateWithLock() function may cause unexpected results to the current item. For example, if you are using Mashp Script to write to a field on the current item in a Pre- or Post-Transition context, in one case, trying to UpdateWithLock causes the PROJECTID field to be set to zero (" 0 "). That makes the item unaccessable by anybody.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: File Get hangs on the Results dialog; Add Item Results dialog flashes but fails.
When trying to Get File through Web Client, the results dialog hangs. When trying to Add Item through Web Client, the Results dialog flashes and disappears, but item is not added.
CMS-XML PBrowse/PVIEW of VSAM data set results in PDS961E VSAM POINT error at RBA=00000000; Feedback=D708009C
CMS-XML KM-Build6: Evaluation of Builder results in directory listing of files being displayed when trying to connect to Builder
The license must be pasted into the License Manager GUI and the license.ini file, located in the installation directory tomcat\webapps\openmake.ear\openmake.war\license, must be modified to point to the license server.
CMS-XML Dim CM 14.1.x: MDHNCL4501155E Error: Failed to write metadata for file "//DIMADM.PDEV.DIM.DEV2.URTLIB(GL0UNEX)"(rc = 5 msg = Verb DimPutRecord had outcome rc-rea: 5-11;
A problem was reported writing metadata files during a deployment on Mainframe. The same set of items was successfully deployed to two other areas:
CMS-XML Dim10: VM2DIM: Warning:8005:Shared Archive is shared by the following items to be migrated: -or- Warning:8005:TestPdb
), each shared instance of an item is treated as a separate entity, and a separate Dimensions item will exist for each instance. For example, if a single Version Manager file is shared across three PDB locations being migrated, the resulting Dimensions repository will contain three separate items with the file contents .
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: The Effects of Change Management Rules on Items and Change Documents
1) The individuals with the proper roles can extract, edit, update, etc. the Item without PCMS forcing a change document as long as the Item is not in the APPROVAL state. 2) Once the Item is actioned to the APPROVAL state, any attempt to extract, edit, or update the Item will cause PCMS to require a change document be generated and related as 'affected' to the item.
CMS-XML km-dim10 : Z/os : Get item / MDHNCL4501155E Error: Failed to write metadata for file "..." (rc = 8 msg = META010I Verb DimPutRecord had outcome rc-rea: 8-11; decode I/O error writing metadata - WRITE_ERROR)
check permissions on the local metadata for the specified item in the working location. It can be that a different user was used to fetch the item the first time it was fetched. Another useful thing you can try is to fetch the containing directory to a different (clean) USS location.
CMS-XML System hang or poor performance in systems with large numbers of users - Unable to obtain read lock on the '20' cache after trying 1 time(s)
If result of (1) is high and that of (2) is 0 then you can greatly improve performance and turning off Auto Folder capability and then reduce cached items by deleting these unused folders. (a) First turn off Auto Folder in the System Admin Options>Settings>Database (b) Take a backup of your database
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