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CMS-XML Post transition submit form does not show required fields as required
When using a Post transition, the submit form for the new item does not display required fields as being required . I am mapping a value into the required field. If I blank out the field and submit it tells me that it is required, but it was never indicated on the form as required.
CMS-XML Field is set to required but it will display green and not red as it should.
Set field to required but it displays green and not red. Some other required fields on the same form are red as they should be.
CMS-XML Service Desk "Required Date" field in the overview section of the state form is in dd/mm/yyyy format.
When you look at the Overview field in the Service Desk state forms the Required Date value may display in dd/mm/yyyy format. If you would like this to display in mm/dd/yyyy format make the following change in the SRC Starter Pack Forms app.
CMS-XML No error message is displayed when properties set as required in RA are not entered in task form.
Currently there are no error messages displayed when the required properties are not filled in task form and the save button is clicked. If you find that the "Save" does not have any effect, then check manually that all required fields have been completed.
CMS-XML Javascript: Form Validation does not work when two fields have the same display name
Example to reproduce: 1) Create a transition form with two text fields with the same display name (different db name), make sure both are required 2) Enable form validation feature for this form
CMS-XML Required New Note field shows two colon characters on transition form
Expected result: - the "New Note" label should be displayed as "New Note:" (single colon) Actual result:
Users without permissions to update the field will not see this field displayed on the Inet submit form .
CMS-XML Extra space character leading the field name in error message for required fields
When submitting a form in SBM without having filled in all required fields error messages are displayed at the top of the form stating ' Field name' is a required field . Please supply a valid value to complete this transition.
CMS-XML Required Note field colour does not change when Note added
If you have a Note Required on a transition, then the field label appears in red when the form displays . Adding the required note will not change the field colour to green, as it should.
CMS-XML Form based Combo fields fail validation
For example, we have a javascript that calls the MakeFieldRequired function with the name of the combo box. In, no matter if you have a value selected or not, an error is displayed that the field is required and a value selection is required before the transition will complete. This is not allowing users to proceed with the transition.
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