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CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Alert: Removing directory in project can delete non-Dimensions content from deployment area
In Dimensions CM 10.1.2 when a folder is deleted from a Dimensions project that folder is only removed from areas associated with the first stage. Other deployment areas are only affected when the AUDIT feature is used on the area. When AUDIT removes folders from a deployment area the same issue described in the 10.1.1 section above can occur.
CMS-XML Dim10: Desktop client hangs when trying to delete project directory
This happens with Dim 10.1.2#4 server installation on Linux RHEL4 server, using 10.1.2#4 Desktop client. Usually happens after deploy areas have been associated with current project, and items have been deployed.
CMS-XML Dim10 DEF162303: Scan Area RPC Error: Directory ‘/’ does not exist
that item automatically appears in the Deployment Area user removes item from project (RIWS) and deletes the folder from the project results in a pop up error:
CMS-XML Dim10: COR0004958E Error: The specified directory path must be relative to the Area root directory.
This might also occur when the area definitions whose names match network node names are still present in the database albeit aren't used. Delete the area definitions leaving node definitions as is. Then define new areas whose names do not match any existing network nodes and whose directories are full paths in the syntax of the OS the area is on.
CMS-XML Dim CM 14.x: The Help text for "dm delete" contains text for adding files
OPTIONS -- directory , -- area Specifies the name of the local work area that will be used as
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.x / Can delete item (DI) deployed at non initial stage
unable to find details of item with UID <uid value>. 8: Item UID: <uid value>, area path: " folder /file", deployed from project: "<product>:<project>". in the scenario above, when deleting the item, how to avoid failing in this situation ?
CMS-XML Dim10: COR4500029E - Can not delete a z\OS build area associated with a project error
COR4500029E Error: Area ACE_DEV cannot be deleted because it is related to a project. Projects this Area is assigned to: TASPO:ACE no folder offset
CMS-XML DIM10: How to move Dimensions installation to different directory
6. Using Regedit, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE area , expand the Software grouping, find Serena and expand that, then delete the Dimensions folder .
HTML Serena Dimensions CM Readme
Fixes in Dimensions CM 2009 R1.01 DEF161296 The following error appears when attempting to action a request: "Unique constraint CM_DBFILES_K1 violated." DEF162303 When deleting a folder from a project with a deployment area that has the Populate Area option enabled, the following error appears: "Scan Area RPC Error." DEF162825 The output encoding on the MENU_SET parameter on the Web client login page is a security concern. DEF164795 "Check In Item" message appears when attempting to check an item in.
PDF Serena Dimensions CM/Express 2009 R1 – Command-Line Syntax Quick Reference
Parameters < area -name> /NEW_NAME=<new-name> [/DESCRIPTION=< area -description>] [/NETWORK_NODE=<node-name>] [/ DIRECTORY =<HLQ/ directory >] [/TYPE=< area -type>[/STAGE=<stage-name>]] ... or<group-name>] [/ADD]or[/ DELETE ] [/STATUS=ONLINEorOFFLINE] [/FILTER=< area -filter>]
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