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CMS-XML The REXX 100 Report has a typing error in section title - 'DB2 Logicical System Information'
Additional Information: The following is the section of REXX code in CMN 100 that needs to be corrected by changing 'Logicical' to 'Logical' : OutputAPL_LOGL:
CMS-XML XML tag error in CMN100 REXX causes output to omit DB2 logical name on report
In the CMN100 REXX code when services DB2ADMIN APL_ACTV LIST and DB2ADMIN APL_LOGL LIST are run they reference incorrectly tag <logicalName>. Because of this the 'Logical Name' in the 'DB2 Active Library Information' section of the report is blank as is the 'DB2 Logical Name' in the 'DB2 Logical System Information' section of the report. Note: similar problem exists in the CMN990 REXX code .
CMS-XML SBM: Limiting the number and type of file attachments - Error "The number of Files has exceeded the maximum number allowed. Maximum: ( 100 ), Total: ( 100 )"
/blacklist/ - Blocks certain files For new installations (or after an upgrade in which the setting is added by the database upgrade code ), the /blacklist/
MS-WORD ZMF ERO Release Audit Error Codes
003 : ISPF stats missing 100 : Identical components (duplicate) 411 : Actual/designated procedure discrepancy
CMS-XML Version Manager Internal Processing Error Codes / DTK Return Status Values
#define PVCS_E_CANT_READ_VCONFIG_FILE 99 /* Can't read the VCONFIG DLL */ #define PVCS_E_CANT_WRITE_VCONFIG_FILE 100 /* Can't write the VCONFIG DLL */ #define PVCS_E_UNKNOWN_ID_SOURCE 101 /* User identification source */
CMS-XML IOO313: VSAM return code of 30 from the application, and a user abend 100 when running under IOO
Research and Developments Initial Response: It looks like the file may have had a problem, and the file status 30 was an I/O error , which the REORG resolved. We have a question as to whether the REORG was done before the bypass in the JCL was implemented, or after.
CMS-XML Error Code - 4 Unspecified Server Error
Error Code - 4 Unspecified Server Error
CMS-XML Error Code -4 Unspecified Server Error
Error Code -4 Unspecified Server Error
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: How to read LDAP error codes
KM-Dim10: How to read LDAP error codes
CMS-XML Error codes have been hidden for user messages from SBM 10.1
Error codes have been hidden for user messages from SBM 10.1
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