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CMS-XML Dim14: Pulse: What do the different colours mean when the Changeset Graph is displayed
Blue: the changeset is selected and its details are displayed in a pane at the bottom of the graph. Tick (inside a circle or group ): the review was marked as approved. Cross (inside a circle or group): the review was sent for rework.
CMS-XML Dim14: EXPM: Problem when EXPM is done in Dimensions CM and CRDB in
- privileges list is empty, same for email events. - it is not possible to create any new object (user, group , product), user is stuck on the "New" dialog box - also, when taping LPRIV command from dmcli, got the error :
CMS-XML Dim14.2: Admin Console: Unable to perform updates within Admin Console
After upgrading to Dimensions and copying over the previously used web.xml file under the $Tomcat\8.0\webapps\adminconsole\WEB-INF directory, Admin Console will no longer allow updates. This has been seen with adding new users, modifying groups that a user belongs to, updating a lifecycle, etc.
CMS-XML Dim14.3: AdminConsole: The User column on the Role Assignment tab is empty or blank in some cases.
In Dimensions 14.3, we now have the the ability to have roles assigned to a group which has no users assigned. In turn, this will allow for us to remove all users from a group and no longer delete all the role allocations or assignments. This will also aid in managing the roles when assigning or deassigning for groups.
CMS-XML Dim: How to list roles that are assigned to a group
The table RM_USERS tracks specific roles that have been assigned to users. If the role is granted as a result of a group then the column GROUP_UID will have a non-zero value. Therefore, to get the list of roles that area assigned to a particular group you would query the group_catalogue table to get the group_uid of interest, then select role from rm_users where group_uid = (the group uid of interest) and filter this down to only distinct values of role.
CMS-XML Dim12: Is there a way to list the users or members within a group?
The command of LGRP will provide a list of groups and the users within. The formatting of this command can provide undesired results by placing the group name and description on different lines.
CMS-XML ACL0004600E Element in list is too long
The following error message was generated attempting to delegate a request to a group: ACL0004600E Element DIM PAYROLL TEST TEAM LEADER in list is too long
CMS-XML DIM9: Adminconsole shows validation group name, not valid set name
A name used to distinguish different occurrences of a valid set when the same valid set name and column number appear more than once in the list of declared attributes. When you use a validaton group name, the validation group name will show under the valid set column. You are logically grouping valid set columns - it is working as intended.
CMS-XML Dim 12/14: z/Os Build returns: IGW01001T ABEND 213-00000030 IN MODULE ???????? AT OFFSET ????
The Dimensions z/OS User's and Administrator's Guide recommends the use of PSDE datasets rather than PDS. If you are working in a group environment that are sharing data sets, Serena recommends that all PDS type data sets be allocated as PDSEs. There are a number of problems with PDSs, including:
CMS-XML Dim9: Display of roles for printing shows incorrect list
click on print. Only the sub group appears in the resulting pop up as expected.
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