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CMS-XML DIM9: Error message: The Dimensions server specified does not support connections from your client version
With DM_PRODUCT_USER set in dm.cfg on the server, users who log into Web Client receive: "Error: The Dimensions server specified does not support connections from your client version."
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Is there a way for Dim Client installer to automatically change desktop client preferences based on OS?
Is it possible to set up the dm.cfg file in such a way that the system will be able to be intelligent and know that if its on Win2K it should look for MS Word in c:\foo while if it’s on WinXP it should look in c:\bar?
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Replicator: Error: / cannot read Dimensions Client services file . Check permissions.
DM_SERVICES_FILE in the dm.cfg file does not exist
CMS-XML KM-DIM10: Reported Defect: A blank after one of the parameter values in dm.cfg can cause the Listener to die or the client to behave strangely
Problem description: Adding a blank (white space character) after a parameter value in the dm.cfg on the server has the effect that restarting the Dimensions listener service fails, i.e. DM_ROOT %DM_ROOT%<BLANK>
CMS-XML DIM CM: Irrelevant errors in desktop client when opening not VRS upgraded stream using client 12.2.2 and DM_PRODUCT_USER set
2. Set DM_PRODUCT_USER Y in dm.cfg on server. Restart Dimensions CM server
CMS-XML Issues with Dimensions Desktop client and ActivIdentity / ActivClient SSO / CAC client.
To disable loading these DLLs user needs to add the DM_SMART_CARD_DLL parameter to dm.cfg on the client and point it to some non-existing DLL file. For example:
CMS-XML DimCM: VRS: compaction on client timeout failed errors are occurring
1. Set SDP logging in the Server's dm.cfg file. See Knowledgebase Solution S142634 .
CMS-XML 12.x / build => Error during Build Execution : Internal SPI error: BCB1901000E Error: SOAP FAULT: SOAP-ENV:Client"Connection refused"
this is fixed by setting correctly only the DM_WEB_URL symbole in the dm.cfg as follow : DM_WEB_URL http://<servername>:<port > For instance, they would look similar to the following:
CMS-XML Dim10: After upgrading to Dimensions 10.1.3, the Web Client shortcut on client-only install points to client machine instead of Server
1. Start with Dim CM 10.1.2 client-only. Edit the dm.cfg to show the correct server name:
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Replicator: Error: /, unknown service in TCP services file or Dimensions Client services file . Check contents and location.
appropriate entry has been made in the dm.cfg file.
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