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CMS-XML Binary/Trinary fields cannot be set to "Required". Form Action "make field required/optional" does not list binary fields. Deploy fails with "failed to validate and cannot be deployed" after an upgrade
Binary/trinary fields can never be blank or empty. They are always either checked or not checked (or true or false; or yes or no), but they are never blank. Setting them to required or optional does not change the funcationality of the form. They will alway have a value and will always satisfy the requirement rule. It
CMS-XML Space is removed as a selection for the binary/trinary field
For binary/trinary fields, when a space " " is entered for one of the selections so that it is a blank selection, this works and deploys without issue, however, when you open the process app from the repository, the space is removed and has to be re-entered before a deploy will complete successfully again. This is because the space is removed when the process app is re-opened from the repository, and Composer requires a value for the selection before it will deploy.
CMS-XML Binary/trinary field won't map successfully to checkbox in PDF widget
Development Manager 1.2Release Control 3.3 Requirements Manager 1.0Service Manager 3.1
CMS-XML Mass update on binary/trinary field gives a (Both) option
Development Manager 4.0Development Manager 4.0.1Release Manager 4.0Release Manager 4.0.1 Requirements Manager 4.0.1Service
CMS-XML DA: Agent PATH not picking up the location of required binary in order to run process step
DA: Agent PATH not picking up the location of required binary in order to run process step
CMS-XML Clear Value & Required Field Attributes Cause Transition Action to Fail
An action on an original transition using a binary field to auto-fire a second transition will fail if the original transition uses the field attribute of " Required " and the field attribute action "Clear Value" on any field. To reproduce:
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: What are the required steps upgrading a Dimensions 7 machine from Solaris 7 to 8?
The Dimensions binaries are the same on both platforms (Sol 7 and 8) - so there is no need to re-install Dimensions. However, you should make sure that you have an adequate backup, a full system export etc.
CMS-XML How To: #578 Oracle forms require directives to be set in Unix
Make sure that the following directives are set for Oracle forms : NoExpandKeywords is good practice for binary type files. Use Translate if that doesn't resolve the error then try NoTranslate.
CMS-XML Javascript MakeFieldRequired works incorrectly on binary field check boxes.
When you use the javascript function MakeFieldRequired to set a binary field checkbox required , the field appears as red and it is not possible to transition the item. A check box has a valid value when it checked or unchecked.
CMS-XML SBM Composer Service Mappings for web services provide wrong selection values for binary fields
SBM Composer Service Mappings for web services provide two selection values for binary fields and these are True and False. These values do not comply with SOAP standards which require true|false|0|1. This is why the web service response defaults always to the Boolean value 'false' regardless of what is intended in the SBM Composer.
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