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CMS-XML V5.3.1 - Pkg distribution failed with SC03
After approving several packages simultaneously from the LIST option (A1, A1, A1, A1) on the V5.3.1 system, the SC 03 (not S0C3) occurs in the first CMN11 job. Each of the subsequent CMN11 jobs receive CC=12 in CMNBATCH and the following message is displayed:
CMS-XML SC03 abends encountered running "offline" reports on z/OS 2.4
Running ChangeMan ZMF 'offline' reports (i.e. reports that can be executed against QSAM backups of the VSAM master files) may fail with a SC 03 abend in z/OS 2.4 environments.
CMS-XML Dim7: Workset Merge fails with "Create Merge Workset - 2249 Error: Workset already used by an existing workset"
Specifying an existing empty target workset in the MWS command fails with error "Create Merge Workset – 2249 Error: Work Set spec SC :WS_ALLTIHOP is already used by an existing Work Set." This is a bug in Dimensions 7.2 that was fixed in subsequent versions of Dimensions.
CMS-XML Dim12: Linux 64-bit License Server: createJob failed: -2
License Server: createJob failed: -2 License Server: createJob failed: -2 ACL4502922E Error: Cannot open connection to host COL- SC -LINUX
CMS-XML SC03 abends aftering applying IOO hotfixes for DEF281109 and DEF309572 - IKJ56861I FILE IOOPRINT NOT UNALLOCATED, DATA
CMS-XML CMN11 in P task abends SC03, task gets a S0C4 in CMNELT00
NAME=CMNELT00 The HFS Lib Type was just added to this 1 application, and now the CMN11 jobs on the P task are failing with a SC 03. The package itself does not even contain any HFS components, just SRC
CMS-XML S0C4 in DA-Batch and SC0D abend
284 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP 09.00.27 J0101274 +SRS096E - The Smart/RESTART abend handler detected an application failure 09.00.27 J0101274 +SRS096E - Smart/RESTART will flag the JOB as abended and requiring RESTART
CMS-XML SC03 abend when IOO 3.1.4 uses large block interface (LBI)
The SZI002MI message copied above shows that the blocksize for the DUMPIN DCB was increased from 27,998 to 262,144 in an attempt at maximizing the capabilities of a 3590. This coupled with DCB=BUFNO=100 in the JCL led to an increased storage demand of (262144-27998)*100 or 23414600 (x'01654748') bytes. We suspect this was the direct cause of an open failure reported by IFASMFDP thus:
CMS-XML Logical record lock table is full
The customer had a CMN11 job fail with a Abend SC 03. They also had several other Installation jobs which where hanging. They tried to access the the ChangeMan task and it would hang/freeze on the Initialization screen.
CMS-XML Dim 14.3.x Listener Service does not shutdown as expected
During the shutdown the Dimensions Listener Service it crashes with error: SC ] ControlService FAILED 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
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