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CMS-XML How To: - Version Manager and/or System Administrator wants to setup archive directories so that user do not have delete rights on an NT Server
This policy should result in a minimal amount of data loss and/or down-time.
CMS-XML "Items Per Page" may not exceed 1,000. message even if the setting is higher in System Administrator
- change "Items Per Page" to 2000 and click Save Expected result : The value should be changed.
PDF SBM System Administrator Guide
This option adds the specified number of zeros to the beginning of an item number. You may disable zero filling by entering a zero in the property field. For best results , however, use zero filling since the item numbers are stored as strings and are sorted accordingly.
CMS-XML Search results have actions showing on the left hand side as a list of text if you create a new database
To reproduce just create a new database in System Administrator and then change to point to it. Then go to Composer and create a New Process app.
PDF SBM System Administrator Guide
Note: The item ID and title are shown on the browser title bar when users open items from reports and search results in a new tab. When users open reports in a new tab, the report title is shown as the browser title bar.
PDF SBM System Administrator Guide
• SBM state change history is based on Tracker change history. After importing Tracker items , users may see unexpected results in the state change history. For example, the "Owner" property in the state change history may not display correctly because Tracker ownership is established differently than SBM ownership.
PDF SBM System Administrator ガイド
334 Serena® Business Manager 4. 〈Max Primary Items Per Group (グループあたりの最大一次アイテム数)〉設定で、高度なルックアップ ツールの検索結果のサブグループに返されるアイテム数を指定します。この設定は、SBM Composer で 〈Fields for Organizing Browser Results Frame(ブラウザの結果フレームを整理するフィールド)〉オプショ ンが設定されている場合にのみ、適用されます。この設定は、〔Edit Table(テーブルを編集)〕ダイアログ ボックスの〔Advanced(高度な設定)〕タブで表示することができます。この設定で入力する数は、〈Max Total Rows(最大合計行数)〉設定の数を超えることはできません。この設定の範囲は 1 ~ 500 です。 5. 【OK】をクリックします。
CMS-XML All transitions fail to complete in 11.x if you disable record locking
If you disable Record Locking for a particular table (configured in the System Administrator ), it results in an inability to complete any transition for any items within that table and displays this error in the UI: An error occurred while processing the last request. Please contact your administrator.
CMS-XML PCLI get command on UNIX client throws "could not read the information stored in the archive" error, but the desktop client GUI running on the same system has no problems getting this file
Please do not perform any operations that will update the repository (Put, AddFiles, etc.) while this variable is in effect unless you are certain the repository is File Server-based. ... as the user who installed Version Manager (a.k.a. the setuid user) or as a system administrator .
HTML Serena Dimensions CM 12.2 Important Information About this Release
Metadata Update Utility For details , see the ...
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