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CMS-XML The data source 'DSN=xy Oracle;UID=xz' could not be verified
the server name, login ID, and password to make sure
PDF Installation and Configuration Guide
... =SHR, DSN =CMNPRD. ... ... =SHR, DSN =CMNPRD. ... ... =SHR, DSN =CMNPRD. ... ... =SHR, DSN =USER. ... =SHR, DSN =USER. ... =SHR, DSN =USER. ... ... , change the dataset names in the sample ... ... , change the dataset name in the sample ... ... actual installation PROCLIB dataset name . Verifying the Installation of ... To verify the installation of ... ... SERSERVC locally to verify that it is ... ... Web browser to verify network connectivity. Verifying Host Clock Time To verify that local network ...
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL 8.1.2: Non-ERO customers cannot supply personal development dataset name during checkout processing
ZMF4ECL 8.1.2: Non-ERO customers cannot supply personal development dataset name during checkout processing
CMS-XML Error: Attempt to locate entry in Sysdatabases for database by name failed - no entry found under that name. Make sure that name is entered properly.
Query the trkprj in the trkmaster db, make sure this project db name (prjDbName) is exactly same as in sysdatabases. In Control Panel | ODBC, check User DSN (and System DSN if running INET), make sure Tracker SQL Server ODBC driver configuration does not contain any entries for Server and Database. This should fix the error.
CMS-XML Performing checkout to personal and specifying only HLQ for DSN, locks catalog.
Another symptom that may be noticed is an S0C9 abend may occur in the ZMF started task. SER0953E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=S0C9 Function=STAGE/IEBCOPY Specifying only an HLQ for DSN should not be permitted.
CMS-XML Checkout from another package to a personal library fails "CMN8490I - Dataset name not specified"
CMNCKOT3 Checkout Command ===> CMN000 CMN8490I - Dataset name was not specified.
CMS-XML Allocation of edit temp DSN different for component without history
When CMNEXINS is coded to use language as the last node (suffix), doing an Online Checkout of a source component with no history (language and procname are blank), when you try to edit the component you get the CMN1220A error (Dynamic Allocation error) because it is looking for a language value to plug into the suffix of the temporary dataset, that is not there
CMS-XML Plug-in should get an exclusive enqueue when checkin from zOS DSN is used.
Customer is able to checkin a member from a PDS, that is currently being edited in RDz or in ISPF. If the changes to the member are subsequently saved, the changes are not present in the member in the ZMF staging dataset. The ZMF4ECL plug-in interface should get an exclusive enqueue on the member during checkin, to ensure this situation is not allowed.
CMS-XML Running a XML service and getting 'Reason Code=8130' that is not documented
b) Verify the ChangeMan STC JCL has the parm 'XML=YES'. c) Verify XML job SER#PARM DSN references the same IP address and port# used by the ChangeMan STC. d) Verify client LPAR has IP connectivity to ChangeMan STC LPAR.
CMS-XML Get the following error in the browser when opening or submitting an item. "The item could not be found."
Open the ODBC datasource screen in Windows which is usually in the Administrative Tools area Go to the System DSN tab and just verify that your new ODBC connection is using the driver called "ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server" If it's not using that driver you can manually create one on that screen and select the driver then open configurator and point to the new ODBC Connection.
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