How to configure a Linux/UNIX machine so local users are automatically configured to run PVCS Version Manager commands

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Published:    02 April 2021

Operating System(s)

  • All Unix


  • PVCS Version Manager


Before they can run any PVCS Version Manager command, users have to source the vmprofile or vmcshrc file based from whatever shell the user is using, to add the VM directories to the user's search PATH and setup a number of environment variables.
  • Users of a sh/ksh/bash shell should run:

    . VM_install_dirctory/vm/linux/bin/vmprofile
  • Users of a csh/zcsh shell should run:

    source VM_install_dirctory/vm/linux/bin/vmcshrc

This has to be done every time after a login, unless these commands are added to the user's shell login file.
How can I configure the machine so this step is automatically performed for all of its local users, removing the need for them to either manually run these command or edit their login files.


You can apply these settings systems-wide by running the following commands as root:
ln -s VM_install_dirctory/vm/OS_dir/bin/vmprofile /etc/profile.d/
ln -s VM_install_dirctory/vm/OS_dir/bin/vmcshrc /etc/profile.d/pvcsvm.csh
ln -s /usr/microfocus/vm/linux/bin/vmcshrc /etc/profile.d/pvcsvm.csh
ln -s /usr/microfocus/vm/linux/bin/vmprofile /etc/profile.d/
With these symbolic links in place, the PVCS VM profile will be loaded for all users of the systems once they login.


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