Compression record deleted from SSV Delta Master

ID:    S143406
Published:    18 March 2021

Operating System(s)

  • Z/OS


Customer has experienced this problem twice now.   Problem starts out with the following error related to the SSV Delta Master:


HPS0104E                       I/O Area: 000001000000000000000000

HPS0104E  HPSCOMPR  10:24:12 Search Key: 000001000000000000000000

                              **  Get  Failure ** on DEL  file cluster SYSCPYS0.CHGLAB.VSM.V82.CMNSVDM

                              MACRF = (key,dir,in,out)  RPL OPTCD=(key,dir,nup,syn,mve)

                              R15 = 8  R0 = 3  STAT/FDBK = x'93080010'

                              * Program return code = 0104 *


 HPS0023E  ã HPSIDV  10:24:12 IDVDEFINE failure. RC=7

                              Dsn: DESICBIB.CHGLAB.STG.ZI0I.#001129.SRC

                              * Program return code = 0023 * 



Running HPSINTEG does not flag any errors.


When they check the SSV Delta Master, the compression record (usually 3rd or 4th record) is missing.  

Applies To

ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 3

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