CM: Standard reports are missing from Dimensions

ID:    S143380
Published:    19 February 2021

Operating System(s)

  • All Unix
  • All Windows


  • Dimensions CM


Customer has a new installation of Dimensions CM.  When the go to web client | Reports tab, there are no reports under any of the categories. 


 The customer had two base database.  The "sample" database named CM_TYPICAL contained the Standard report definitions.  The other base database did not contain any standard reports.  In this situation where the reports did exist within the same database, we copied those rows from CM_TYPICAL to the other base database with a query like this:


This must be run by a user that has "Select" permission on CM_TYPICAL and create_table, insert and perhaps other privileges on D

insert into d.users_queries
select * from cm_typical.users_queries
where cm_typical.users_queries.obj_id like 'Standard:%';

I used "d" to represent the base database name of the second database.

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