DA: How to execute component process on a specific resource before executing on other resources in the environment

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Published:    19 February 2021

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While an environment may have several resources/agents that require the same component process, there are times when one such resource should be updated first.  For example, if one of the resources acts as a primary or lead resource for this component.


 If an environment has several resources/agents all mapped to the same component, how to accomplish deploying to one specific resource before the others receive the deployment?


Roles may be used to control the sequence of deployment execution within an environment when there are multiple resources mapped to the component.


To configure this:


  1. Navigate to Management | Resources | choose the tab named ROLES | Click CREATE button
  2. Create one role named Leader and a second role named non-leader
    NOTE:  The role names can be anything you wish - in our case, we will deploy to resources with "Leader" role first and later we will deploy to resources with role named "non-leader".
  3. At the page for Management | Resources, select each resource one at a time.
    1. the click on "roles" tab, click on "Add Resource Roles" button
    2. select the appropriate role for this resource - either Leader or non-leader
    3. Save and repeat for the next resource
  4. Create the Component; fill in the source type details, etc.
  5. Create a component process
  6. Create the Application
  7. Add Component(s) and Environment(s) to the application
  8. Perform Component mapping to add all needed resources to the component
  9. Create an Application Process
    1. Utilize the Process step "Install Component" to install the component to the Lead Resource
    2. Fill in the component name, the process name
    3. For the "limit to Resource Role" specify "Leader"
    4. Again, add the process step "Install Component" to install the component to the non-leader resource(s)
    5. Fill in the component name, the process name
    6. For the "Limit to Resource Role" specify "non-leader"
    7. Connect the process steps from Start to the first install component, then from the first install component to the second and finally to Finish.
    8. Save the application process
  10. Run the application process.
    It will run on the resource with "Leader Role" first and when that is complete it will run on the resources with "non-leader" role.

Applies To

Release Automation 6.3.1

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