RLC: After upgrade, some users cannot load task screens

ID:    S143372
Published:    16 February 2021

Operating System(s)

  • All Windows


  • Release Control


When some users (not all) are working with tasks (including Snow tasks, and Dimensions tasks but other tasks too), the user sees code on the buttons instead of the button names. Or, some tasks screen never load and only show the spinning image.


Step 1: Clear server cache
* Log into SBM.
* Change the URL at the top to be: /tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?AdminPage&command=ClearTemplateCache
You will see the message that sever cache was successfully cleared.

Step 2: Clear the browser site cache
* Any users who are having this issue should clear their browser cache and hard reload.
For example, in Chrome, open developer tools (F12) -> go to the Application tab -> press Clear site data button.
* With the developer tools still open, right click on the Reload Page icon (the circle button near the URL), and pick Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

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