ZDD: Unable to stage a like-load component into a package

ID:    S143371
Published:    16 February 2021
Updated:    16 February 2021

Operating System(s)

  • Z/OS


  • ChangeMan ZDD
  • ChangeMan ZMF
  • ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack


It is currently not possible to stage an executable module directly into a package using ZDD, e.g. a vendor load module. No like-load/like-lod library types are presented on the ZDD Network – Check in to package dialog. Attempting to drag-and-drop the component pre-selects an adjacent library type, not the one selected.

This functionality is available in both the ISPF and ZMF4ECL interfaces. There are no obvious ZDDOPTS or CMNEX035-implications here, although these may need to be considered when providing a solution.


Applies To

ChangeMan ZDD 8.2 Patch 4

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