ERO Release Integrity Check returning invalid error messages

ID:    S143369
Published:    10 February 2021
Updated:    15 February 2021

Operating System(s)

  • Z/OS


  • ChangeMan ZMF


An ERO customer is testing their 8.2 Patch 4 upgrade. When they attempt to execute the 'Area Integrity Check' function for a release containing a mix of traditional like-SRC and like-PDS zFS components they receive invalid error messages for some of the zFS components. The affected components are returned twice, once with a 'Member not found in area library for CIM entry' error and once with a 'CIM DB2 entry not found for area library member' error.

Problem also occurs when release integrity is checked via the 'test' functions (i.e. teat area and test release).

Applies To

ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 4

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