DimCM: SSO: How to change the Request Pasword Reset link

ID:    S143368
Published:    09 February 2021


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 When accessing the Request Password Reset link on the login page, it redirect us to:

which does not exist since the Dimensions CM SSO Server is being used.
How can this be redirected to something useful or remove the link from the page?


 Here's what needs to be done to fix the issue:

1. Stop Tomcat.
2. Go to the $Tomcat\webapps\idp\WEB-INF\conf directory and make a backup copy of the fedsvr-core-config.xml file.
3. Edit this file using either Notepad, Notepad ++, or an XML editor.
4. Locate the following section:
<parameter name="PasswordResetURL" Type="xsd:anyURI">Caution-http://localhost/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?LoginPage&amp;Template=loginreset</parameter>
5. At this point, there are two options ... remove the link on the Web Client/AdminConsole login pages OR redirect this to a different url of your choosing.
a. To remove the link, just make the value of the parameter to be empty. The line would then look like the following:
<parameter name="PasswordResetURL" Type="xsd:anyURI"></parameter>
b. Change the parameter value to another url of your choosing, so that the end users are redirected to a password reset page.
6. Save the changes.
7. Restart Tomcat.

Applies To

Dimensions CM 14.x

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