Configuring SSM 5.3 and RLC 5.2 (How to link an SSM Change to an RLC Release Package)

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Published:    06 September 2017
Updated:    10 February 2020


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The SSM - Change Management process app in SSM 5.3 can be configured to work with RLC 6.2.  The attached document provides steps for configuring the integration, which provides the following benefits:

  • It automatically adds changes to a release package so that they are available as deployment objects in the release packages task collection.
  • Automatically transition a change once a release package has been deployed.
  • Using Change Management to ensure business readiness before a deploy can occur for a release package.

The integration requires that you install two groovy scripts in SBM, which are attached to this article. 


UPDATE: There is one step missing for the attached instructions. In the section called "Updating the SSM Change Management Process App", follow this additional step. Edit the form called "Submit" and add the field called "PLC Provider UUID" to the form. For example, you can add it to the bottom of the form in the section called "Linked Items".


UPDATE: With SSM 5.4, the "Link Change to a Release Package" and "Unlink Release Package" transitions are no longer included in the Change Management process app. You can manually recreate these transitions, or use Composer's Compare and Merge features to copy them into version 5.4.

Applies To

Service Manager 5.3


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