Using the SBM Rich Text Editor in Service Manager

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Published:    19 March 2015
Updated:    23 October 2017


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If you run the Service Manager installer to upgrade the framework files, but you decide that you do not want to promote the new process apps, you can still take advantage of the Rich Text Editor that was added to the SBM platform in 10.1.4.  Follow the steps below to switch from the Aloha editor to the native RTE provided by SBM.


Not sure which text editor you have?  An example of the Aloha editor is attached to this article. 



Enabling RTE
1.Open the SRC - Knowledge Management app in SBM Composer.
2.Open the Data Design view, and then select the Knowledge Management table.
3.Select  the Enable Rich Text check box on the Options tab in the following fields:

  • Section 1 Content
  • Section 1 Label
  • Section 2 Content
  • Section 2 Label
  • Section 3 Content
  • Section 3 Label
  • Section 4 Content
  • Section 4 Label
  • Section 5 Content
  • Section 5 Label
  • Section 6 Content
  • Section 6 Label

4.Open the Visual Design view.  In the Styles folder, select the Label Style, right-click, and then select Duplicate. 

5.Enter a name like Section Label, set the font color to blue (R0, G112,B203 ), the font to Verdana, the size to 12 pts, and the weight to bold.


Updating the Transition Forms
The following steps must be repeated for these forms:

  • Submit
  • Draft Edit
  • Publisher Edit

1.Remove the AlohaSettings.js or AlohaSettings-Submit.js file from the form. (Property Editor > JavaScripts)
2.Delete the jQuery_Aloha HTML/Javascript Widget from the form.
3.On the Content tab, remove the ContentEditor HTML/Javascript widget.
4.Move the fields listed above in step 3 of Enabling RTE from the Content (SBM Fields) tab to the Content tab.
5.For each of the label fields, set the Style to the Section Label style that you created. (This is required to match the label style that is applied in knowledge management by the default stylesheet).

Using Templates
To continue using the existing template functionality on the forms, add an HTML/JavaScript widget to the forms with the following content:

function loadArticleTemplate() \{
var cat = GetFieldValue("ISSUETYPE") ;
if(articleTemplates != undefined && articleTemplates != null) \{
         for(var i = 0; i < articleTemplates.length;  i++) \{
                 if(articleTemplates[i].name == cat)  \{
                         for(var item in articleTemplates[i]) \{
                                 SetFieldValue(item, articleTemplates[i][item], "true");


Using New File Field for Attachments

See how to manually add the Public Attachments field to an existing Knowledge Management App here - available in SSM 5.3 and above.


Applies To

Service Manager 5.2


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