Maximum length of memo and journal fields for both Oracle and SQL server

ID:    S139895
Published:    14 August 2013
Updated:    19 September 2014


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By default the maximum length of a memo or journal field is 65535 ascii characters (less for dbcs etc...).

For both Oracle and SQL Server this size can be increased as below:


Add a new registry key setting in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TeamShare\TeamTrack called
'MaximumMemoSize' type DWORD, which can be used to change to maximum upper limit.

The minimum size for 'MaximumMemoSize' is 65535 (default) and the maximum for 'MaximumMemoSize' is 262143.

If you are running more than 1 web server they need to set this registry key for all servers.


Restart all IIS web servers.

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