SBM 11.4.2 Hotfix 5 - Editable Grid in the SBM classic interface - Workspace requires Flash

ID:    P2878
Published:    14 December 2020
Updated:    04 January 2021

Operating System(s)

  • All Windows


  • SBM


SBM 11.4.2 Hotfix 5
IMPORTANT: This hotfix should only be applied on top of SBM 11.4.2.  This hotfix is also safe to install with SBM 11.4.2 Hotfix 1, Hotfix 2, Hotfix 3, or Hotfix 4. If you are running a different version or if you have already installed other hotfixes, contact Serena Support.
IMPORTANT: This hotfix is cumulative and includes the fixes from SBM 11.4.2 Hotfix 4. It does not include fixes from any other hotfix release. 
The following items were addressed in hotfix 4 and included in this hotfix:
DEF337300: FF: EG: Work Center changes display of "empty" numeric "float" fields
DEF337301: FF: Impossible to edit float fields in Editable Grid in Work Center
The following items were addressed in hotfix 5:
DEF342897: Change editable grid from Flash based to HTML5 based
Known issues in this hotfix:
To install this hotfix:
  1. Stop IIS and Serena Tomcat. Also, close the System Administrator and the Windows Event Viewer. This will ensure no files are busy when you are trying to lay down the hotfix.  
  2. Unzip the hotfix file into your Serena install directory. (The paths inside the zip file begin with "SBM".) By default, this is:
    C:\Program Files\Serena 
  3. Answer yes for all the file overwrites. 
  4. Open SBM System Administrator and connect to Database
  5. Open "(SBM Installation Directory)\Application Engine\bin\jscssversion.txt" and increase value by one, save file.
  6. In SBM System Administrator run menu command:  File -> Put Files Into Database
  7. Press "Apply" in Configurator.
  8. Restart all the services that were previously stopped.
  9. Clear browser cache
  10. Log in to SBM User Workspace


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