TeamTrack version build 66159 patch

ID:    P2540
Published:    05 November 2009
Updated:    14 December 2009

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  • All Windows
  • Linux
  • Solaris


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Serena TeamTrack 6.6.1
Patch Readme
Last updated on 5 November 2009


1.0  Prerequisites
2.0  Issues Fixed in This Patch
 - Version -- Build 66159
 - Version -- Build 66157
 - Version -- Build 66151
        - Version -- Build 66148
 - Version -- Build 66146
        - Version -- Build 66141
 - Version -- Build 66140
 - Version -- Build 66137
 - Version -- Build 66135
 - Version -- Build 66131
 - Version -- Build 66128
 - Version -- Build 66125
        - Version -- Build 66124
 - Version -- Build 66120
 - Version -- Build 66118
 - Version -- Build 66115
 - Version -- Build 66113
 - Version -- Build 66111
 - Version -- Build 66110

3.0  Installing This Patch


     This patch replaces previous versions of TeamTrack 6.6.1 (build
     66109 and later). If you have not yet installed TeamTrack 6.6.1,
     install version If you have already installed earlier
     versions of TeamTrack 6.6.1, install version

     Note: This patch requires a database upgrade. Back up your
     existing database before installing the patch.

     This patch applies to the Windows, Solaris, and Linux versions
     of TeamTrack.

     ***Note: This patch contains security updates and is recommended
     for all systems running TeamTrack 6.6.1.***



     1.  DEF172167 - Code changes have been made to fix caching problems
         that caused crashes, unknown exception errors, and inconsistencies
  when displaying data in the TeamTrack Administrator.

     2.  DEF172857 - Group privileges are no longer erroneously removed
  when you select the Table privileges sub-tab immediately after
  granting item privileges on the Item sub-tab in the TeamTrack

     3.  DEF172604 - Problems with uploading and downloading attachments
  that are larger than 5MB no longer occur on Oracle systems.


     1.  DEF164001 - The error message “digital signature was
         generated by a trusted certificate but it has expired” no longer
         appears in the Version Manager Web server’s SourceBridge interface
         when performing a Check-In or Check-Out.

     2.  A code change has been made to fix an issue that caused transition
         failures when making calls to third party Web services during heavy
         usage periods.

     3.  A code change has been made to prevent Web server thread locking
         from occurring during Remote Administrator and API requests.

     4.  DEF165255 - A code change has been made to improve
         performance and prevent excessive memory consumption in IIS when
         executing a Trend report based on a relational field.

     5.  A code change has been made to improve server stability when
         adding database records during heavy usage periods.

     6.  DEF114953 - FireFox browser windows no longer automatically
         re-size when opening an item from a Listing report.  This issue
         only affected FireFox browsers running on Linux client machines.


     1.  Solution S136867 - Users are now required to provide their
         current password when they attempt to change their password or
         e-mail address in their user profile. To change this default
         behavior, contact Serena Customer Support and refer to S136867.

     2.  Solution S136411 - Values stored in a Date/Time field that are
         set to display as date only will now display the proper date if
         the display option for the Date/Time field is changed to date and
         time.  New or updated Date/Time field values are now stored with
         the proper time zone in the database.  In the future, when the
         field's display option is changed to date and time, the proper
         time value is now displayed.

         Date/Time fields that were formerly set to date only which are
         currently displaying the wrong value when set to date and time need
         to be converted back to date only, then updated in the browser and
         changed back to date and time.  No manual changes to any of the field
         values are necessary when updating the items; the system will process
         the values automatically and store them properly once the items have
         gone through an Update transition.  

     3.  Solution S136859 - Performing a data migration from Tracker to
         TeamTrack no longer corrupts existing TeamTrack attachments. 
         Also, if the destination database does not have enough free space,
         a warning message appears that allows you to abort the rest of the
         import or skip particular items with large attachments and continue
         the import.

     4.  Solution S136866 - The Enable HTTP Keep Alive setting in IIS is
         now honored in connections made to the TeamTrack Web server.  This
         change improves browser performance since the browser now maintains
         a connection to the TeamTrack server, rather than re-opening the
         connection with each new request that is sent.

     5.  Solution S135268 - Significant improvements have been made to how
         memory is allocated when users upload large attachments to items in
         the browser interface. This change prevents possible server hangs and

     6.  Solution S135986 - Performance improvements have been made for loading
         large attachments in the browser interface on a system that is set to
         store attachments in the database rather than on the file system.

     7.  Solution S136913 - Problems downloading large attachments (greater
         than 300 MB) from a TeamTrack system where attachments are stored
         in the database have been solved.


     1.  Solution S136400 – HTML is now rendered properly in fields
         that are displayed in a listing report as long as the system
         setting to allow HTML rendering for dangerous tags is enabled
         (see solution S136486 for more information on this setting).
         This fixes an issue that caused the fields to display raw HTML
         in a report, even though the HTML rendered properly when
         viewed in the item details.

     2.  Solution S136446 – HTML defined in the value display format
         for a table is now rendered properly in Web interface search

     3.  A code change has been made to prevent excessive memory
         consumption in IIS when parsing TeamScripts. 


     1.  New text in an Append Only Journal field is now editable after
         a post-transition script fails the transition and returns the
         form to the user.

     2.  The default value for a Journal field is no longer ignored
         during a transition.  This fixes an issue that caused the
         default value to be ignored during any transition other than

     3.  Additional code changes have been made to ensure HTML is
         rendered properly in notes that were added via the TeamTrack
         E-mail Recorder feature.

     4.  Messages containing the % character which are posted to the
         Event Viewer via TeamScript no longer cause server hangs or
         exceptions to occur.

     5.  The Web interface “Exit” function now properly terminates the
         browser session and checks in the user license when running
         TeamTrack under Sun Web Server 7.0.

     6.  HTML within IFRAME tags is now rendered properly when the
         Render HTML Tags option is selected for a Text or Memo field.

     7.  Archived Change History is no longer lost when using the 
         Copy Database wizard.  This fixes an issue that caused data
         loss after performing a Copy Database operation.

     8.  Raw HTML is no longer displayed in the Web interface after
         completing a mass update.

     9.  A code change has been made to ensure that the ttid portion of
         an e-mail's subject line is processed by the TeamTrack Mail
         Client.  This fixes an issue that would cause some e-mails to
         be ignored by the Email-Recorder feature.

    10.  Data previously entered on a submit form is now preserved when
         the form is saved as a Favorite.

    11.  A code change has been made in the Notification Server to prevent
         memory leaks from occurring.  This fixes an issue that would cause
         exceptions to appear in the log file and over-consumption of memory
         to occur which would eventually cause the service to halt.


     1.  A code change has been made in the Notification Server to prevent
         improper rule and condition handling.  This fixes an issue that
  caused an exception to be thrown while processing Notification
  Events, which stopped notifications from being sent.

     2.  HTML used to create hyperlinks in a Text field is now properly
  rendered.  This fixes an issue that was introduced in version that caused the <a> tag to be not rendered in the Web

     1.  A code change has been made in the Linux and Solaris versions
         of the TeamTrack Mail Client to prevent memory leaks from
         occurring on the TeamTrack server.

     2.  A code change has been made in the TeamTrack Mail Client to
         set the proper buffer size for incoming e-mails.  This fixes
         an issue that potentially prevented e-mails from being
         processed by the Mail Client during heavy usage
         or high network traffic periods.

     3.  The character set specified in the HTML section of an
         incoming e-mail is no longer ignored by the Mail Client when
         processing an e-mail submission.  This fixes an issue that caused
         garbled text to appear in the new item when the “Include HTML
         Formatted E-mail Messages” option was selected in the Mail
         Client properties.

     4.  A code change has been made to prevent a memory leak from
         occurring when attempting to log in while no concurrent
         licenses are available for check out.  The code change prevents
         ports from being left in perpetual CLOSE_WAIT status as well.

     5.  The Web interface “Exit” function now properly terminates the
         browser session and checks in the user license when running
         TeamTrack under Sun ONE Web Server 6.1.

     6.  The Shell.RedoMessage now preserves any designated HTML
         formatting when called in a script running in the
         Post-Transition context.

     7.  Data entered in an Append Only Journal field is no longer
         lost when the transition is rejected.  For example, if a
         required field is not supplied with a value and TeamTrack
         rejects the form, data in the Append Only Journal field will
         now be preserved.

     8.  E-mails sent by the Notification Server in reply to incoming
         e-mails processed by the Mail Client no longer crash the
         Notification Server.  This fixes an issue in which the
  Notification Server malformed the reply address when sending
         a confirmation to the sender.

     9.  Attachments embedded in e-mail messages that are attached to
         e-mails processed by the E-mail Recorder are no longer dropped
         by the Mail Client.

     10. Exporting TeamTrack reports to Excel when using an SSL
         connection no longer requires the “Do not save encrypted pages
         to disk” option to be selected in Internet Explorer browsers.

     11. On Oracle systems, TeamTrack can now utilize up to 262,143
         bytes for CLOB-enabled text fields.   For steps to change the
         default maximum size (65,535), please refer to solution S135263.

     12. Comments added to the Description field during a check in
         operation from the VM-Inet Web client are now logged in the
         associated TeamTrack item’s Version Control History section.

     13. In the SourceBridge integration, the original Version Label
         will now remain associated to the original revision number
         when checking in a new version of a workfile in Version Manager. 


     1.  A default value in a journal field now properly appears when
         the default value is set on a transition other than Submit. 
         This fixes an issue that cleared the value in the Web interface
         when the value wasn’t set on Submit.

     2.  Duplicate system folders are no longer created in the
         favorite folder after editing a user account in the TeamTrack

     3.  An error no longer appears in the Web interface when creating
         a user password that is greater than 16 characters.  This fixes
         an issue that caused an error to appear when creating a password
         with more than 16 characters after having set any minimum length
         for passwords in the TeamTrack Administrator.

     4.  Performing an Advanced Search on the Notes/Attachments table
         no longer returns a SQL error when using an Oracle database.

     5.  A code change has been made in the TeamTrack Mail Client to
         prevent attachments from becoming corrupted during an e-mail
         submit.  This issue occurred when submitting an item via a
         Lotus Notes e-mail containing an uppercase boundary header value.

     6.  Performance improvements have been made to several areas of
         the Web interface.

     7.  Reports now return correct results when creating a report and
         specifying multiple item IDs in the search filter section while
         using the “like (zero-filled)” operator.  

     8.  Text fields that are set as Journal fields are no longer converted
         to Memo fields when they contain an override for a transition.
         This problem only occurred in previous releases when the workflow
         containing the field was imported into a database using the XML
         Import feature.


     1.  When using Internet Explorer 7, the "To" field now properly
  displays the full user name after clicking "Find" in the
  Send E-mail window of the Web interface. 

     2.  Microsoft Office 2007 files are no longer saved with a .zip
  extension when a user saves the document to his or her local
  machine.  The original extension is preserved. 

     3.  When posting items across databases, messages are no longer
  rejected if the e-mail contains high ASCII characters. 

     4.  A memory leak that occurred during a new item submission has
  been fixed.

     5.  A code change has been made to prevent errors and crashes when
  loading the Web service DLL on Unix systems.

     6.  An error no longer appears when invoking a Web service via a
  pre-transition context.

     7.  The Web services API call UpdateItem now assigns the correct
  state and owner value if a value is explicitly set in the
  UpdateItem call.  The UpdateItem call can now override an “auto”
  value if specifically set in the client code.  Alternatively,
  in order to call UpdateItem and have the "auto" value used for
  owner, owner must not be present in the request.

     8.  A code change has been made to prevent core dumps from occurring
  on user log in.  This fixes an issue that would produce a core
  dump on Unix servers, while throwing database exceptions and
  access violations on Windows systems. 


     1.  ttAuthUID and ttAuthPWD authentication parameters passed in
  a URL are no longer ignored after a user has previously logged
  out of a browser session. 

     2.  Display errors in Internet Explorer no longer occur when using
  "localhost" in the TeamTrack URL. 

     3.  User account data is no longer corrupted after adding or
  updating users via the TeamTrack API.

     4.  An error no longer appears when invoking a Web service via a
  pre-transition context.

     5.  Associated Items in Listing reports no longer display raw HTML in
  the Printable view or when exported to Excel.

     6.  URL links containing a # in the filename will now open properly in
  the Web interface.

     7.  A TeamTrack code change has been that prevents excessive Serena
  License Manager ports from being left in the CLOSE_WAIT state.

     8.  A WSDL can now be imported from a URL in the TeamTrack
  Administrator.  This fixes a defect that was introduced in 

     9.  A memory leak no longer occurs in Copy transitions for items
  with attachments. 

     10. An issue in Version caused TeamScripts stored in an
  Oracle database to be truncated to 4000 characters after being
  edited in the TeamTrack Administrator.  This defect has been
  fixed in

     11. TeamTrack items with CLOB memo fields containing more than
    32767 bytes will now display in the Web interface.


     1.  An error no longer appears when mapping a constant value that
  includes a decimal to a floating point type Web service input.

     2.  The TeamTrack Owner field is now properly set when performing
  a transition via Web services.

     3.  An issue in Version caused an error when sorting by
  calculated fields in reports.  This defect has been fixed in

     4.  The list of available notifications in the user profile is now
  properly alphabetized.  This fixes a defect that was introduced


     1.  Several performance improvements have been made to the
  TeamTrack Administrator, both for ODBC and Remote
  Administrator connections.

     2.  E-mail attachments are no longer dropped during e-mail
  submittals or E-mail Recorder updates to existing items.
  This solves a problem where the TeamTrack Mail Client was
  not parsing multi-part messages correctly.

     3.  An issue in Version caused the Create New Database
  wizard to generate an error and create a malformed database.
  This defect has been fixed in

     4.  Code changes have been made to reduce memory consumption
  for longer TeamTrack server requests.  For example, the
  amount of memory required to export a large Listing Report to
  Excel will now be reduced and processed in a more efficient

  This new method only applies when using a browser and
  webserver that support HTTP/1.1. Both Apache and IIS support
  HTTP/1.1, however the built-in TeamTrack Web Server does not. 
     5.  The TS_BLOBS.TS_BLOB column datatype has been changed from
  LONG RAW to BLOB.  This change was introduced since Oracle has
  deprecated the use of the LONG RAW datatype. 

     6.  A memory leak caused when users selected Cancel on Submit
         forms has been fixed.

     7.  An exception occurs in Version if you click Cancel
  while the TeamTrack Administrator is establishing a connection
  to the database.  This has been fixed in      


     1.  Comments are now correctly added to the Version Control
         History section for check-ins that include unchanged files.
  This solves a problem with the SourceBridge integration to
  Version Manager that prevented comments from being added to
  records for changed files that were checked in with unchanged
     2.  The control used to populate the list of e-mail recipients
         for messages sent from the Web interface now requires users
  to search for e-mail recipients rather than select
  recipients from a list. This solves a performance problem
  for systems with large numbers of users.

     3.  Copy and Post Item transitions set to be quick transitions
         no longer fail when workflows contain multiple Submit
  transitions. This problem typically occurred after a
  transition was modified in the TeamTrack Administrator.

     4.  Performance improvements have been made to the TeamTrack
         Administrator, both for ODBC and Remote Administrator

     5.  The "Anonymous submit" user is no longer authenticated
         against the LDAP directory when LDAP is designated as the
  authentication method in TeamTrack.
     6.  Exceptions that occur in handling Web services associated
         with notifications no longer cause the Notification Server
  to stop processing events.

     7.  Intermittent errors no longer occur when users close multiple


     1.  Performance improvements have been made when administrators
         are editing groups in the Administrator client.

     2.  Performance improvements have been made to several areas of
         the browser interface. Indexing improvements have been made
  to the TS_ATTACHMENTS table to improve performance.
     3.  Performance problems that occurred when the Secondary Owner
         field was edited in the Administrator client have been
     4.  An issue introduced in Version prevented the Basic
         Search feature from returning results if more than one
  keyword is specified. This defect has been fixed in

     5.  Exceptions no longer occur when the Web service call
         GetFileAttachment is used and attachments are stored on the
  file system on a machine other than the TeamTrack Web

     6.  A problem with exceptions occurring in the Spell Checker API
         (SSCE) has been solved.

     7.  Buffer overrun problems when Web services were invoked
         have been solved.

     8.  Searches now return correct results when users include high
         ASCII characters in their search criteria on systems that use
  Oracle and are configured for UTF-8.
     9.  Users no longer receive errors when they attempt to add item
         links from an update form.


     1.  External Web service functions can now be called from
         systems installed on Linux servers.

     2.  E-mail notifications that fail to send on systems using
         SMTP mail servers no longer cause extra rows to be added
  to the TS_BLOBS database table.

     3.  Report search results are now listed alphabetically.

     4.  The database login ID and password are no longer written
         to the Mail Client log file if the database connection
  fails when the Client is started.

     5.  The Mail Client now correctly parses tags that may be in a
         non-standard order in incoming HTML-formatted e-mails.

     6.  Memory leaks have been fixed for preferred projects and
         Value Find searches in the browser interface.

     7.  The Data Import Wizard no longer fails after importing
         1,000 records in a single import option set.

     8.  Web service functions can now be called on systems using
         Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

     9.  TeamTrack now supports calling RPC-style Web services.

    10.  Web service API reponses are now designated as encoded in
    11.  Users no longer receive errors when executing Post Item
         or Create Subtasks transitions that have Date/Time fields
  mapped to Date fields.

    12.  TeamTrack items can now be associated with files being
         checked in to source control when using SourceBridge.

    13.  HTML is now properly rendered when specified for attachment

    14.  Duplicate information is no longer added to TeamTrack items
         if incoming e-mail messages for e-mail submissions and E-mail
  recorder contain plain text and HTML parts.


     1.  Core database performance improvements have been made. These
         improvements impact most components, particularly the browser
  interface, the Administrator client, and the Notification

     2.  TeamScript now correctly updates fields that are set to read
         only or placed in the Hidden section.

     3.  In multiple Web server environments, users now receive an
         error if they resubmit a form after providing values for
  required fields. The error occurs when users did not provide
  values for required fields when the form was first submitted,
  and they resubmit the form with the required values. If this
  problem occurs, users should restart the transition process
  from the beginning. (In previous releases, this problem
  prevented the transition from completing.)

     4.  Case insensitive search criteria is now handled correctly
         for Text fields on the Advanced Lookup Tool and Advanced
  Search pages for systems using Oracle 9.

     5.  Users are now correctly presented with a login prompt after
         their TeamTrack session has timed out and they access the
  system again. This fixes a problem that prevented the login
  prompt from opening after users' sessions had timed out
  based on the Auto-Logout Timed-Out Users check box setting.

     6.  Transitions that are validated by TeamScripts when they are
         invoked by the UpdateItem method now correctly return the
  message indicated in RedoMessage. The message is returned to
  the TeamTrack browser interface and any custom applications,
  if applicable. Exceptions are also written to the Event Log.


     1.  Fields that are in the Not Used field section for workflows
         are now available as sub-field selections for Sub-Relational
     2.  HTML links are now sized correctly when they are included in
         Text fields that are set to render HTML.
     3.  The TeamTrack API StartSubmit and StartTransition methods
         no longer return a full list of selections for selection-type
  fields, such as User and Multi-Relational fields, that are
  set as read-only.

     4.  Logging and error recovery has been improved for certain
  exception errors.

     5.  A problem that could potentially cause memory leaks and
         exception errors in the Notification Server and the
  TeamTrack Administrator has been fixed. The problem may have
  occurred when lists of items were processed in the database.
     6.  An issue has been resolved for the Auto-Logout Timed-Out
         Users option located on the Server tab of the Settings
  dialog box.

     7.  Content is now correctly stored for items that are saved as
         HTML from the print preview page in Internet Explorer.

     8.  Lower ASCII characters in the 1-31 range are not supported by
         XML 1.0. When TeamTrack receives one of these characters
  via a Web service request, the characters are ignored.
  Supported lower ASCII characters include tab, carriage return,
  line feed, and the legal graphic characters of Unicode and
  ISO/IEC 10646. This change prevents exceptions occurring in
  TeamTrack when Web service requests with the non-supported
  characters were received.


     1.  Results for Date/Time fields displayed in columns of
         calculations for Listing reports no longer display incorrectly
  when the calculation includes a Date/Time keyword and the
  Date/Time field is set to calculate days.

     2.  The first value is no longer automatically selected for fields
         that allow users to select multiple values, such as 
  Multi-Selection or Multi-Relational fields. This problem only
  occurred for fields that were set as searchable.
     3.  Users are no longer unsubscribed from escalation notifications
         that do not include a When rule. This problem occurred when
  users were subscribed to the escalation from the Administrator
  client, and then edited their user profile.  

     4.  On systems using an Oracle DBMS, search results are now
         returned for all fields set to allow keyword searching. This
  solves a problem that caused results to only be returned for
  CLOB fields and not for other fields set to allow keyword

     5.  Sub-Relational fields no longer reference incorrect items in
         Auxiliary tables when items have been deleted in those tables.

     6.  An intermittent problem that caused the Item Details frame to
  open to an empty page has been fixed.

     7.  Performance improvements have been made to the Archive Wizard
         when it deletes attachments to items that are being purged.

     8.  A problem with database table locking that occurred during
         certain instances of error handling has been solved. This
  problem could potentially cause the TeamTrack Web server to

     9.  Daylight savings time is now calculated correctly when
         Date/Time field values are set through the Web Services API.

     10. For TeamTrack 6.6.1, a change was made to the Web Services API
         to return and accept Item ID values instead of title values
  for Single Relational and Multi-Relational fields. Beginning
  with, the Web Services API will by default return
  and accept title values for Relational fields, but you can
  chose to return or accept Item ID values by using a new
  optional argument for the following functions:

  The valid options are:

  RELATIONAL_ITEM_DISPLAY_VALUE (default) - Returns the title
  of the item specified in a relational field.

  (table-id:internal-item-id) of the item specified in a
  relational field.

  Users who want an Item ID when getting the value of Relational
  fields must specify an option list on the above Web Service
  API calls with a value of "RELATIONAL_ITEM_INTERNAL_VALUE".

  Note: If you have Web Services calls that rely on the 6.6.1
  behavior and expect Item Id values, changes will be required
  to your code that make the Web Service call. If the new WSDL
  associated with is not used by a Web Service call,
  no changes will be required and the original 6.6 behavior
  will be restored. Data associated with "Relational" fields
  will be accepted and returned as the "Title" of the relational


     1.  Server overrides made on the Version Control Configuration
         dialog box are now applied when you click OK on the dialog

     2.  Web Service Definition files, or WSDLs, now import correctly
         if they contain complete input types that use reference

     3.  End-of-message tag processing by the Mail Client has been
         expanded for the IMAP protocol, particularly the Sun Java
  System Messaging Server.

     4.  On systems using LDAP authentication, TeamTrack now
         reauthenticates users every hour rather than every
  60 seconds. To change the default time-out period,
  contact Serena Customer Support.

     5.  Date/time stamps for Text fields set as journal fields
         are now correctly updated by the UpdateItem Web service

     To install this patch for Windows:
     1. Download the TeamTrack.exe file from Serena Online Services

     2. Install TeamTrack using the instructions in the Serena TeamTrack
        Installation and Setup Guide.

     To install this patch for Linux and Solaris:

     1. Download the TeamTrack.tar.gz from Serena Online Services
     2. Install TeamTrack using the instructions in the install.txt file
        available on the download center.

Copyright (C) 2007 Serena Software, Inc.  All rights reserved.


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