Serena Business Mashups patch 2009 R1.03

ID:    P2533
Published:    29 September 2009
Updated:    02 November 2009

Operating System(s)

  • All Windows


  • SBM


Note: There is a hotfix available that can be added on top of this patch. Please refer to


SMC2009.exe -- This is the client installer.  It includes the Mashup Composer as well as the Mashup Administrator.  The Mashup Administrator installed by this installer should only be used for administration tasks; it should not be used to upgrade the database.  To upgrade the database, use the Mashup Administrator installed on the Application Engine(s) via the server side patch ( -- This is the server side patch.  It includes Mashup Manager, the Application Engine files, and the Mashup Administrator.  Use this Mashup Administrator to connect to the Application Engine database to upgrade it.  Do not use the Mashup Administrator installed via the client installer (SMC2009.exe) for upgrading the database.


This patch can be applied to any previous version of Serena Business Mashups 2009 R1, but you must first install 2009 R1 if you are using SBM 2008 R2.  For more information on how to install/upgrade using this patch, refer to the readme attached (R102patch_readme_sbms.htm).


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