Version Manager patch for 8.1.4.x

ID:    P2336
Published:    01 November 2007
Updated:    25 April 2008

Operating System(s)

  • AIX
  • All Windows
  • HPUX
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Unix
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows XP


  • PVCS Version Manager


The Version Manager patch resolves a number of important issues. It is to be installed on top of an existing or release, and includes the fixes provided in the patch.

Issue found in Release:

1.0 Defects Fixed in Version Manager

1.1 Desktop Client, CLI, File Server, and PCLI Defects Fixed

1.1.1 Add Workfiles Recursively Requires Create Project Privilege [DEF75069; DEF124063]

To add workfiles recursively the user was required to have the Create Project privilege even if the user had no intention of creating projects because the projects already existed. This has been fixed.

1.1.2 Folder Permissions Not Inherited when Overwriting Workfile [DEF125893]

When doing a get or check out of a file to a workfile location where there is an existing workfile, the new workfile would overwrite the existing workfile, but would not inherit the folder's permissions. This has been fixed.

1.1.3 If Unable to Write to ISLV.INI file: [Error] java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError [DEF127651]

This has been fixed. Version Manager no longer throws an exception and stops working if it cannot create the initial ISLV.INI file (Windows) or islvrc file (UNIX) when trying to open a project database.

1.1.4 PCLI: No Way to Set Workspace Attributes [ENH73423] ?

From the command line there was no way to set such workspace attributes as the default version. A command has been added to allow this. Use the -H option for information on using the new command. (An updated PCLI guide will be included in the 8.2 release.)

BEHAVIOR CHANGE: SetWorkspaceAttributes allows you to set the default version, base version, branch version, and default lowest level promotion group for the current workspace. You can clear the value in effect for the target workspace (to inherit one from a higher workspace or project entity). You can also display the values in effect for the specified project and workspace, including values inherited from higher level projects/workspaces.

1.1.5 Solaris 10: Running vlog '*' Results in Segmentation Fault [DEF125262]

Running CLI commands with wildcard characters contained in quoted strings (single or double quotes) on Solaris 10 results in a segmentation fault for certain directories. The same command without the single quotes works fine, but that would not be a workaround for path names that have spaces. This has been fixed.

1.1.6 SourceBridge Version Label Is Assigned Even if File Is Not Checked In [DEF115044; 116494]

If you have Remove lock on unchanged revision set in your VM project database, and you check in files associated with TeamTrack items through SouceBridge, Version Manager will label unchanged files with a TeamTrack item label. This has been fixed so that only items that are being checked in receive the label.

1.1.7 SourceBridge: Hangs when Adding Workfiles if "Don't check in work file" Option is Selected [DEF116223]

When adding workfiles and selecting the option to "Don't check in work file" the SourceBridge association can hang. Since no revisions exist in this situation, it is impossible for SourceBridge to associate a record. This has been fixed.

1.1.8 UNIX: Workdir Must Be Writeable by Group or Other Even with Setuid [DEF129831]

On UNIX with 8.1.4 or installed in setsuid mode, running CLI commands like "get" as a user other than the setuid user may fail if the WORKDIR CFG file directive points to a directory that is not writeable by group (if a member of the group) or other. This defect was introduced in 8.1.4. It has been fixed.

1.1.9 Vista: Initial Work to Make Version Manager Run on Windows Vista [ENH105516]

Version Manager was enhanced so that it is possible to run it on Windows Vista. However, Vista is not yet considered a supported platform as more work is required to ensure full functionality of all Version Manager features. See the following Serena knowledge base article for information on using Version Manager on Windows Vista: 5008848 - Running Version Manager on Windows Vista.

1.1.10 Vista: Failure when trying to View/Edit a File without a known File Type Association on Windows Vista [ENH126622]

If you tried to execute View or Edit a file that did not have a Windows file type association, an exception would be shown saying "pvcsexec.exe has stopped working". This has been fixed. However, Vista is not yet considered a supported platform as more work is required to ensure full functionality of all Version Manager features. See the following Serena knowledge base article for information on using Version Manager on Windows Vista: 5008848 - Running Version Manager on Windows Vista.

1.1.11 vtransfer -c (Copy) and vtransfer -x (Export) Does Not Work for Unsplit Archives [DEF127130]

This defect was introduced in Version Manager This has been fixed.

1.2 IDE Client Defects Fixed

1.2.1 Eclipse 3.1.x: File Server Temp Files Not Cleaned Up when Closing Eclipse [DEF127456]

This has been fixed.

1.2.2 Eclipse RIDE: Does Not Support Dynamic Generation of Web Services [DEF115817]

The customer is able to successfully generate a web service only once. Any attempts after that result in an error:

"IWAB0443E Error parsing webservices.xml: org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.ResourceException: Problems encountered while deleting resources."

This has been fixed.

1.2.3 Eclipse RIDE: Compare Workspaces: "Force Update" Does Not Work Correctly on Locally Deleted Folder [DEF78224]

This has been fixed.

1.2.4 Eclipse RIDE: Forced to Use the Default Workspace [TECH03638; DEF92798; DEF127349] ?

If the user has a default workspace set for the project database, it is used regardless of what workspace they select while importing the project. This has been fixed.

BEHAVIOR CHANGE: The workspace the user selects during the project import will be used.

1.2.5 VS2005 RIDE: Assertion Failure Errors [DEF123425; TECH04973; DEF123529; L3RD00124]

After installing VS2005 SP1, archive actions return assertion failure errors. This has been fixed.

1.2.6 VS2005 RIDE: Manually Added Folders Not Gotten from Source Control [DEF114114]

The user is manually creating a folder on disk under the solution and adding solution items from that folder. When the solution is added to source control, the physical solution folder gets added to VM the same as project folders. When opening from source control, the solution files are retrieved first and then each project folder is opened individually. Since the folder containing the solution items in VM is not a project folder, it is overlooked. This has been fixed

1.2.7 VS2005 RIDE: History View: Cannot View a Revision by Double-Clicking It [DEF116385]

This has been fixed.

1.3 Version Manager Web Client Defects Fixed

1.3.1 Web Client Security [DEF114862]

A sufficiently knowledgeable person may be able to spoof or impersonate a login to the Web client if HOST ID is the login source. This hotfix increases the security of the HOST ID login source and the Web client. Details have been omitted from this description to limit exposure and reduce risk to those who have not upgraded.

1.3.2 Version Manager Web Server on UNIX (Solaris) Randomly Crashes [DEF123172]

The VM Web Server would randomly crash on UNIX, referencing pvcs.vm.vms.AccessDatabase.PvcsLogin() in the crash dumps. This has been fixed.

1.3.3 Closing the Browser Does Not Logout [DEF124417] ?

If you close the browser without first logging out of Version Manager, the license is held until the servlet timeout period passes. This has been fixed.

BEHAVIOR CHANGE: If you close the browser or use the same browser instance to open a different URL, the license is released immediately or within a few seconds, depending upon the browser used.

1.3.4 LDAP Password Length Limit of 29 Characters [112809] ?

BEHAVIOR CHANGE: The password length limit has been removed.

1.3.5 "Mexico City-New" Timezone Not Working Correctly [DEF112438]

Check-in time is GMT rather than the "Mexico City-New" timezone the server box is set to. This has been fixed.

1.3.6 Vista: Only Admin Can Install Web Client to Internet Explorer 7 [ENH127090]

This has been fixed. You no longer must be an Admin in order to install the Version Manager Web client to Internet Explorer 7 on a Windows Vista system. However, Vista is not yet considered a supported platform as more work is required to ensure full functionality of all Version Manager features. See the following Serena knowledge base article for information on using Version Manager on Windows Vista: 5008848 - Running Version Manager on Windows Vista.

1.4 Serena Builder Defects Fixed

1.4.1 Build Jobs Created from VM Web Client Are Not Accessible Once Saved. [DEF123717]

Jobs are saved under the user account folder corresponding to the OS user running the VM Web Application server (instead of the VM user id). To Builder, it looks as though the job was created as "system" if the VM Web Application server is running as a service as LocalSystem. As a result, a user won't be able to update or execute the jobs created in the VM Web client, no matter if using the VM Builder integration (once they leave the wizard) or Builder Web Client. This has been fixed.

1.4.2 Build Job Wizard Does Not Enforce Selection of Search Path in VM Web Client [DEF123719]

The Builder integration wizard prompts the user for a Search Path and Build Job name. However, unlike the Desktop client, it does not prevent the user from progressing through the wizard without choosing a search path. The result is a malformed build job. This has been fixed.

1.4.3 Integration Fails if VMMBI_GetRevInfo.pcli Script Hits Empty Archives [DEF127003]

When executing a build using the VM/Builder integration, the step of fetching revision information using the VMMBI_GetRevInfo.pcli script will fail when encountering an archive that has no revisions. This has been fixed.

1.4.4 Remote Build Jobs created via VM's Builder Integration are invalid [DEF123851]

If you select a remote build machine instead of My Computer, the resulting job is not created correctly. The MachineName of the machine selected shows My Computer. This leads (I think) to Builder Web Client showing only one machine in the job (My Computer) and it having no activities. This has been fixed.

1.4.5 Unable to Edit a Job Created in Builder Web Client from VM [DEF123848]

This has been fixed.

1.4.6 Wizard Stores Build Job Information Incorrectly [DEF115323] ?

When creating a new build job through the Builder wizard in VM, the parameters in the task for the build job are not saved correctly. The <Command> portion is correct, but the other parameters where the build job is derived from do not have the information necessary to reconstruct the commands in the Builder Web client. This has been fixed.

BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Changed the "options" command patterns field to include the integration parameters for the associated buildmake and OM tasks. This was done because it was possible not to have any OM command pattern options which triggered the Openmake Web client to reset all of the build job parameters back to their defaults if the build job is changed from the Web client.

1.5 vss2vm Converter Defects Fixed

1.5.1 VM8124(J): VSS2VM Tool Does Not Run in a Japanese Locale [DEF113620; DEF113621; TECH04688; DEF85046]

The VSS2VM tool doesn't run in the Japanese locale, throwing an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error. Attempts to run the converter in the English locale as a workaround fail if a filename or a label has a DBCS character containing 0x5C.
This has been fixed. You can now run VSS2VM in the Japanese locale.

To install this patch:

  1. Make sure Version Manager 8.1.4 or is installed.  This patch should not be deployed on any other release of VM.
  2. Shut down all Version Manager applications.  This includes the VM Web Application Server (File Server / VM I-Net / WebDAV) and all workstations using a network installation.
  3. Login to the system as the same user who installed VM 8.1.4
  4. For Windows, download the file vm8142w32.exe and execute it.
  5. For UNIX, download the file vm8142_en_unixpatch.tar, untar the file into an empty temporary directory, and execute ./vminst.
  6. Restart Version Manager.

**NOTE: Item listed in the section of the release notes as "1.2.2 SCC IDE Clients Hang Onto License [DEF108796]" does not resolve with SCC integrations to Eclipse 3.1.x and the licensed seat will release when the PcliOutProc.exe terminates, usually about 10 minutes after the IDE is closed. Integrations with Eclipse 3.2.x should release immediately after the IDE is closed.

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