UGBase Member function should return a Long Integer

ID:    D27749
Published:    04 February 2021

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SBM 2009 R1




The scripting documentation indicates that the UGBase Member function should return a Long Integer, however, it actually returns a string ('True' or 'False')..

What are the steps to reproduce the problem?

Use sample script as an action to a transition

' Script can be added to the post transition context of any transtion. ' It will write event an event log message for every group in the system and indicate if the user is a member of the group or not. Option Explicit Dim oObj, oGroup, oGroupList Set oObj = Ext.CreateAppRecordList(Ext.TableId("TS_GROUPS")) If oObj.ReadWithWhere("TS_ID >0 ", "TS_ID") Then Set oGroupList =oObj For Each oGroup In oGroupList ' Next line should be: ' If Shell.User.Member(oGroup.GetId()) Then ' OR ' ' If Shell.User.Member(oGroup.GetId()) > 0 Then ' However, since the UGBase object is returning a (string) instead of a (Long Integer) as the documentatio indicates you have to use this If UCase(Shell.User.Member(oGroup.GetId())) = "TRUE" Then Call Ext.LogWarningMsg(Shell.User.GetName() & " is a member of the " & oGroup.GetName() & " group.") Else Call Ext.LogInfoMsg(Shell.User.GetName() & " is NOT a member of the " & oGroup.GetName() & " group.") End If Next End If

Work Around

The work around is to have the script to test for "TRUE" instead of 1.

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