Child dependent field does not show any values when in a Field Section for the child is not selected in the user profile

ID:    D27727
Published:    06 January 2021

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

SBM 10.1.2

Also Affects

Development Manager 4.0.1
Development Manager 4.5
Release Control 4.5
Release Manager 4.0.1
Release Manager 4.5
Requirements Manager 4.0.1
Requirements Manager 4.5
Service Manager 4.5




Steps to Repro:
1) Setup a workflow with either dependent Single Select fields or dependent Single Relational fields.
2) Put both fields (parent and child) in the "Advanced" field section. (The same problem happens for all field sections. This is just an example.)
3) Create a custom transition form with both fields.
4) Deploy the process app.
5) Login with a user who has full permissions to everything. (This is the easiest way to see the issue.)
6) Open your profile and make sure that the Advanced Fields section is checked.
7) Submit a new item. Notice that the dependent fields work fine.
8) Open your profile and uncheck the Advanced Fields section.

[Expected Result]
The dependent fields should still work as they did before. We are using customer forms, not quick forms so they should not change based on the user's profile settings.

[Actual Result]
You can select a value in the parent field, but the child field is not populated with values. The only option is "none".


Ask the users to check the "Advanced" field section in their profile. (Again, "Advanced" is used in this example. The user will need to check the box for the appropriate section for their field.)

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