SBM: Date picker on Company Calendar Overrides (holidays) screen always picks the previous date

ID:    D27633
Published:    12 October 2020
Updated:    30 November 2020

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

SBM 11.6.1

Resolved In

SBM 11.8


Found in 11.6.1
Reproduced in 11.7.1
 1) Go to Application Admin > More > Calendars
 2) Select a Calendar, switch to Overrides screen.
 3) Click Add to add a new holiday exception to the list.
 4) With the Date Picker, select January 1 (for example).
 Expected Result:
 The date picker should close and date value should be January 1.
 Actual Result:
 The date picker closes and the date value is December 31.
 No mater what date you pick in the Date Picker, the previous date is used.


 This problem is about the time zone on Windows, not the user. If the selected time zone is a UTC "minus" time zone, you will see this problem. (For examples, Eastern time is UTC "minus" 5 hours.)

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