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CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to recalculate pending lists and reset the role table?
F:\PVCS\Dimensions\7.1\prog>set pcmsdb=<basedb>/<passwd> 1. To correct the role tables: pdiff <product> -utils expand_roles 2. To recalculate the pending items: pcms_item_pend -p <product>
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: API PcmsGetPendingUsers not retrieving information on all users
exit out of the DMCLI client From the command line run the PDIFF standalone utility (please refer to the Tool Administration guide for complete information on this utlity) PDIFF product_id -utils expand_roles
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Action item - 2289- Error: item < item name> is not pending for you
Check if the item really is pending for the user by checking the Show Users and Roles display ( Drop dwn poppup menu If not then get them to run pcms_item_pend on the server and also the command " pdiff <product> -utils expand_roles ". Note that these are documented.
CMS-XML Dim14.3: COR7700246E You do not have the "Create Products" (ADMIN_CREATE_PRODUCT) privilege to perform this operation.
export DMDB=newbasedb@dim12 3. Then run the following: pdiff $GENERIC -utils expand_roles
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Role Assignments not updated correctly when removing a user from a group
To get around run the following commands from the Windows Command prompt: pdiff prod_a -utils expand_roles pdiff prod_b -utils expand_roles
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Problems making an existing user a tool manager
SQL> commit; STEP 3 -> Next, user will need to "expand" roles using PDIFF on the server command line (at the command line) (logged on as PRODUCT-MANAGER) for each product: pdiff product_id -utils expand_roles
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF55312: Can not delete a ROLE -The opperation was completed with error : Error:Part : Does not exist
pdiff PAYROLL -utils expand_roles Repeat the pdiff command for each affected product. NOTE: the pdiff command is executed at your Windows Command prompt or at your Unix/Linux shell prompt.

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