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CMS-XML Read-only fields cannot be updated by javascript or form actions
Instead of making the field read-only, you should disable the field on the different forms. This will prevent users from editing the field. Then, in your javascript, just before the field is to be updated, you can enable the field.
CMS-XML Required checkbox multi field does not accept one checked value and form action may not work
The transition form will only complete if more than one checkbox is checked in the multi field. Form actions may also not evaluate correctly because it does not correctly see that the field is not empty when a single checkbox is checked. This only happens on custom forms with legacy mode enabled .
CMS-XML Rich text fields don't respond to addchangecallback or form actions that monitor if the field changed.
If you have a Rich Text Field on a form and either use AddChangeCallback or a form action to detect when that field changes the javascript behind the scenes won't register the change and won't fire. If you have HTML 5 enabled the alerts won't fire. If you turn off HTML 5 then the alerts do fire.
CMS-XML The custom form action Gain Focus or Lose Focus does not work on Rich Text Fields - RTE
If you have a field enabled for rich text then the gain and lose focus form actions do not work on custom forms . If you remove the Rich Text from the field then they work fine.
CMS-XML Form action checking if journal field is not empty does not work with Legacy Mode turned on
Form action checking if journal field is not empty does not work with Legacy Mode turned on
CMS-XML It is not possible to disable a memo field using Form Actions
If you attempt to disable a Memo field using a Form Action , the field will still be editable. The only current workaround is to "hide" the field as well.
CMS-XML The 'field changes value' form actions event is not being caught on Internet Explorer for certain fields
The 'field changes value' form actions event is not being caught on Internet Explorer 10 for User fields and for Date fields. If you add Form Actions to listen for value changes on fields such as Text , User and Date, they will react on changes only for Text fields but not for User or Date fields if SBM is being accessed via Internet Explorer.
CMS-XML Form Actions are not working when form is repopulated
The workaround is to educate the users not to navigate away from forms . In the event they have done this, then the simplest way to work round this is to cancel the transition and run it again.
CMS-XML Error when setting "Empty String" for a Text control in form action
If you attempt to set a Text Control to "Empty stirng" in a Form Action "Empty String" is not accepted and you are unable to enable the action , as Composer thinks "a value" is not set. The workaround of using a space (" ") will cause this to happen on subsequent edits in Composer also.
CMS-XML Relational fields are treated as not empty on a Form Action because '(None)' is being seen as a value
Then enable 'text field is not empty' text field And pop up 'relational field is not empty'
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