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CMS-XML Missing action menu selections in Editable Grid report when used in Work Center; Inoperable "View Item" link
Missing action menu selections in Editable Grid report when used in Work Center; Inoperable "View Item" link
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF109679: Inadequate event sequence for UC (Action CR) command
When running an AC command the following events get fired. 1. UPDATE-Event in VALIDATE-mode: - NOK - this should be an ACTION event (please note no Attributes were modified in during the AC) 2. ACTION-Event in PREOP-mode: - OK
CMS-XML 'Perform a Tool Bar action' :'Back to Results' does not work
Custom state form button which when clicked executes 'Perform a Tool Bar action ' :'Back to Results', will not work if opened from a multiview report .
CMS-XML Report actions do not display or work on custom form controls if item opened from listing report in dashboard widget
When an item is opened from a listing report in a dashboard widget in Work Center, the report actions (Back to Results, First Item, Previous Item, Next Item, Last Item) do not display on the item and if there are custom form controls on the form that perform a tool bar action of one of a report action , they do not function. When the item is opened from the same report not run from a dashboard widget, the report actions work fine.
CMS-XML Dim CM : TBI => ART0005730E Errors prevent further action - see reports
log file is created which contains details about encountered errors.For example, in the TBI command , if the /DIRECTORY parameter was set with /DIRECTORY="c:\TBI" then the tbirep.out file is located in c:\TBI\pcmsartwork folder.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF103921: The Upload command from the Windows explorer integration should not turn the directory in a work area, this function is already provided by the Synchronize command.
When you run the upload command from the Windows explorer integration, the local directory become then linked to Dimensions and any changes made in the directory will be then pushed back into Dimensions and vice-versa. That is: Any subsequent upload will then trigger a 'synchronise' action between Dimensions and the local directory. This refers to as a 'work area', a system directory that is linked to Dimensions.
CMS-XML KM-DIM2009R2: Reported Bug: Request is not actioned when Polish regional settings are set
Expected result: The console window will show the AC command as completed and the state of the request is at the next state Actual result:
CMS-XML Using IE9 with 10.1.4.x and zooming in on a report from a multi-view reports the "actions" label is incorrectly placed in center of the screen and "Zoom in" is offered as an action rather than "Zoom out"
(2) When you do select "Actions", it says "Zoom in" when it should say "Zoom out". It is also very hard to select any actions as this menu disappears unless you carefully slide the mouse horizontally over the page.
CMS-XML KM-DIM12.2: Reported Bug: Special characters in comment field of action request wizard are not escaped
Action Request - ACL0004585E Error: Too many parameters. Error: Dimensions command not specified correctly 2. or the quotes disappear if the quoted string does not contain blanks;
CMS-XML Email sent from Workcenter action menu is missing the body
Email sent from Workcenter action menu is missing the body
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