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CMS-XML How to save compile, link and user options without baselineing a package.
3) set the install time for the package to 1 or 2 minutes later 4) when the install time has passed , go to monitor limbo (or have someone do it who has the authority) and delete the package 5) the next time the component(s) are compiled or recompiled the options set in the deleted package will be used
CMS-XML Dim: How to pass variable values (or parameters) into Dimensions Build
In some situations it is desirable to pass user -defined variables into a Build process to specify various options or values to be used.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: WSAD 5.1 Build 6.3.1 - explanation on wildcard options in WSAD for building Build projects
The followung url explains all the settings available for WSAD projects in WSAD to pass to Build .
CMS-XML Dim10: Build: Build specific clean up script
We pass the same options set as for regular build execution script. So all options from build configuration, build area and options defined at runtime would be available in cleanup script.
CMS-XML Dim: Build: How to capture the result of a BLD call
dmcli - user dmsys - pass xxxxxxx -host cmdimensionsdev -dbname cm_typical -dsn DCMTS -cmd "BLD CDP_TEST:TEST_04 /BUILD_CONFIG=BUILD_CFG_TEST_04 /AREA=BUILD_COLL_TEST04 /LOCK_SEARCH_PATH /BUILD_OPTIONS=(DMREBUILDALL=CURRENT,) /CAPTURE /CHANGE
CMS-XML 2009Rx / 12.x : Is there a variable in the build template script that refers to the corresponding Design Part ?
This does not exist, a workaround would be to have a user -defined attribute on an item set with the design part value and then pass this user -defined attribute value to the build template. To achieve this, you have to :
PDF Dimensions Build User’s Guide
This means the required -U option gets passed when needed. Dimensions Build User’s Guide Typical ADG Usage 65
CMS-XML Sample report that illustrates how to create an investment report and pass multiple investments in as a parameter.
files to your local computer. (Depending on the browser used you may have to right click on the link below and select "Save Target As". You may have to rename the downloaded file with a .rdl
CMS-XML HLLX: Common misunderstandings on usage
When ZMF4ECL is being used to build a component and a HLLX manipulates the contents of any UserOptionxx, UserOptionxxyy or UserVariablexx variable (e.g. UserOption12, UserOption3401, UserVariable09, etc.) in, say, BULD01US or BULD01UV, only those variables defined in the appropriate ZDDOPTS BUILD member profile will be passed to the submitted job. Any changes to such variables that are NOT defined in the applicable ZDDOPTS BUILD profile are ignored and will not be passed to the submitted job.
CMS-XML KM-Build8 How to use OMERRORRC variable in Builder 6.3.1
The OMERRORRC variable is meant to be used in a pre- or post-build activities, such as Perl scripts that run after a certain event during a build. The om and bldmake executables pass the variables through Perl, but the OMERRORRC variable may be available for other languages. The $OMERRORRC variable is not used in any of the Builder build scripts that are associated with specific build tasks within a Builder build.
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