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PDF ChangeMan SSM 8.3.3 Readme
All enhancements and fixes shipped in prior releases and patches are included in ChangeMan SSM 8.3.3. Miscellaneous Notes 1 When a tracked data set (PDS or PDSE) is deleted while the started task is up, the system will log a SCRATCH event, as expected, but it will also generate a member DELETE event for every member in the library.
HTML Serena® ChangeMan® DS Release Notes
1.1.1 Restore Deleted Objects Wizard
HTML Serena® ChangeMan® ZMF 6.1 Readme File Last Updated on 2 December 2008
3.0 Known Issues There are known issues when you make Serena XML Services requests against change packages in deleted or archived (D/A) status. Refrain from building Serena XML Services calls that retrieve data from D/A packages.
HTML Serena ChangeMan ZDD 7.1 Readme File Last updated on 12 May 2010
1.2 Support for Additional ChangeMan ZMF Functions Display and change the installation schedule for the ChangeMan scheduler Memo- delete a package Restore a memo-deleted package
PDF Managing Projects
Build Manager Architecture 4 Installing the Build Manager 5 Launching the Build Manager 5 Build Manager Views 7 Configuring Views 7 Applying Views 8 Editing and Deleting Views 8 Monitoring Builds 9 Sorting Build Steps 9 Customizing the Layout 10 Deleting Steps 10 Displaying Step Details and Dependencies 10 The Build Manager and omsubmit 11 omsubmit Arguments and Response File 13
HTML Serena ChangeMan SSM 8.3.1 Readme File Last updated on 19 June 2007
1.1 Enhanced Security Administration The Group Admin Menu (HPSMNUGA) has been updated for enhanced Security Administration. Menu Items 5, 6, and 7 now enable the adding, updating, and deleting of SAF profiles for users if SAF-based user authorization is in force.
PDF ChangeMan ZMF Messages
ISPF Message Types 12 Clearing ISPF Messages 12 SERPRINT Messages 12 Message Descriptions 12 General Messages 13 ChangeMan ZMF LIBDEF Messages 40 Package Build Messages 43 Super/Complex Package Messages 43 Package Create Messages 45 Utility Request Messages 46 Component Checkout Messages 47 Component Stage Messages 54 Package Audit Messages 61 Component Recompile Messages 73 DB2 Assist Messages 75 Component Compare Messages 76 Package Freeze Messages 77 Package Approval Messages 81 Package Promote Messages 84 Package Revert Messages 88 Package Delete Messages 90 3
PDF Serena ADM 2008 Deployment Guide
... Configuration ......... 25 To add Mariner to the list of local intranet sites .............................. 25 To delete temporary Internet files ........................................... ...
PDF ChangeMan ZDD Edit Reference Card
Edit Reference Card 3 Deleting Text Deleting Text
PDF ChangeMan ZMF Online Forms Manager Option Getting Started Guide
Verify OFM Form Availability 17 Restrictions 17 Chapter 3: Creating and Maintaining Online Forms 19 Maintaining Online Forms 20 Creating Forms 22 Updating Forms 23 Deleting Forms 24 Defining Form Panels 24 Panel Format Restrictions 25 Defining Form Variables 26
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