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CMS-XML Batch stage with SB doesn't pass user options to compile
Batch stage with SB doesn't pass user options to compile
CMS-XML User options from component history are not passed to CMNEX026 during a Mass Stage.
User options not being passed to CMNEX026 during a Mass Stage , even though SUPPRESS HISTORY "NO" is specified and the generated stage JCL does contains the appropriate options from the component's history.
CMS-XML Inconsistent variables passed to HLLX BULD01R0 at recompile time
Inconsistent variables are being passed to the 'post initial recompile panel' (CMNRCMPR/CMNRCMP0) HLLX BULD01R0 depending on where the function is being invoked. For example, if a user enters the package list recompile option (5.RC) they see the following output from the exit:
CMS-XML WD4ZMF: Overridden component build options not passed to build process
If a user overrides build options when submitting a request under the WD4ZMF client (e.g. DB2 Precompile, User Options , etc.) the overridden values are not being passed to the build process. That is, it appears that it is impossible to override package/component history from WD4ZMF.
CMS-XML Component user options being lost when built from ZDD 8.1.2
A customer has reported an issue where existing component history data (e.g. component user options ) are being lost when a ZMF package component is built via ZDD 8.1.2. When the ‘Override History’ option is selected , the user options are not passed to the build process despite the correct, existing values being specified. Subsequent rebuilds of the same component will obviously use the new, blank settings.
CMS-XML User options not available to CMNEX026 during Relink
Component user options are not stored alongside ILOD-related components (e.g. LOD, DBR, LST, etc.). Hence they are not passed to CMNEX026 during relink processing.
CMS-XML Recompile not passing correct parms to CMNEX026
Customers using ZMF 6.1 have reported a problem where incorrect parameters are being passed to exit 26 in the OPT call during recompile processing. For example, the X26£LANG, X26£PROC and user option fields (X26£UOPn/X26£OPnn) are not being set correctly when the exit is invoked. Compile requests for source components that have been checked out and which are resident in the package are NOT affected by the same problem.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL setting extended user options incorrectly
Using ZMF4ECL a customer is expecting a component to have userOption0302 set to N by both existing baseline component history and by defaulting the value in the ZDDOPTS BUILD member. Although the Build Component/ Build Parameters initially show the field set to N an incorrect value of YES is being passed to the CMN ZMF Server. The wrong value may be influenced by other user fields.
CMS-XML WD4ZMF: Component build options not being set correctly in build dialog
Please note that user options (i.e. the USROPnn variables) are not affected by this problem and the updates are both passed and retained for future use. Also, when a source component that requires a DB2 pre-compile is checked out into a package the pre-compile flag is not being automatically pre-checked.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Component and user variables set in BULD01Ux not passed to submitted JCL
Component and user variables being set in HLLXs BULD01US or BULD01UV are not being passed to the file tailored component build job in the ZMF4ECL interface. They are being passed if the relevant panels are displayed and exits executed in the ISPF interface.
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