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CMS-XML PRO8 TRKINET Database information is not complete. Error: SQL state = 08003 (Microsoft) ODBC driver manager Connection Not Open
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In the Tracker I-Net configuration page enter "<Oracle server name>; PORT=<prot_number>; SID=<sid name>" for the DBMS location using the Oracle Wire driver and/or the Oracle 8 driver. Additional Note:
CMS-XML WebSocket console error, can't connect to Deployment Automation using proxy HTTP protocol
Use these to determine if you may need to configure your proxy server to resolve any WebSocket issues when connecting to Deployment Automation through a proxy server. Explicit Proxy Servers with Unencrypted WebSocket Connections
CMS-XML Contrary to Documentation Oracle 8 is not Supported in 5.7 - it is known not to work.
[Data Direct][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver](Oracle) ORA-00933: SQL Command not properly ended. This happens when trying to view attachements to a frozen release.
CMS-XML SBM performance issue with Virtual machines
It is possible that the VMware image has stale ARP cache. Address resolution issues will manifest itself in the SBM logs as ' Protocol Error in TDS Stream' or 'unable to connect' or ' Connection Refused', 'Cannot open the database' , 'SQL Error 0, 'Network error IOException: Connection timed out:'
CMS-XML Agents don't appear online after a server upgrade to Deployment Automation version 6.1.1 or higher
6.1.1, Serena Deployment Automation (SDA) has enhanced security to connect through TLS1.2,TLS1.1, or TLS1.0 protocols supported by Java 6 and above, and rejects connection through earlier SSL protocols such as SSLv3 and SSLv2Hello. If you have agents that have been connecting using one of the rejected protocols , your agents may try to connect through the unsupported protocol and the connection will be rejected.
HTML Serena Deployment Automation 6.1.1 Security Bulletin
General Information Both security vulnerabilities have the potential to affect any SSL-encrypted communications, and thus requests to communicate with Serena Deployment Automation are affected. Poodle vulnerabilities will be mitigated by forbidding SSL3 protocol for both JMS and HTTP connections . BEAST will be mitigated by forbidding TLSv1 protocol for both JMS and HTTP connections.
CMS-XML Readme for SBM as of 12th April 2012
You might use the Exchange option if your company does not allow connection through SMTP. The Exchange protocol is also available for use with the Mail Client in the event your company does not allow connection through POP3 or IMAP. If no such restrictions exists, consider choosing SMTP for the Notification Server and POP3 for the Mail Client because they enable faster connection speeds than MS Exchange.
PDF ChangeMan ZMF 6.1 CMNCICS1
CMS-XML SBM Notification Server, Outlook 365 and OAuth 2.0
Administrators can now configure OAuth 2 security for SBM mail server connections . This means you can now use OAuth2 authentication with the SMTP, POP3, or IMAP mail server protocols instead of using Basic authentication.
CMS-XML Installing a Secure Version of the ChangeMan ZMF REST API-Jenkins Integration
1. Leave Connector Definitions as Supplied ;" protocol ="HTTP/1.1" ... ;" protocol ="HTTP/1.1" ... There is no need to change this to implement a secure connection when using IBM AT-TLS functionality.
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