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CMS-XML ASMA057E Undefined operation code - #INITIAL attempting to assemble PDS#OPT4 using JCL(SMP#OPT4)
CMS-XML HISTORY command for COBOL 6.2 module is incorrectly reporting value for compile option TRUNC
HISTORY command for COBOL 6.2 module is incorrectly reporting value for compile option TRUNC
CMS-XML HIST command has incorrect COBOL 6.1 compiler options
HIST command has incorrect COBOL 6.1 compiler options
CMS-XML FDM support of Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V3R4 compiler (cobol/zos 3.4)
Does FDM support COBOL for z/OS V3R4 compiler (cobol/zos 3.4)? ... PDS298I There are 2 users allocated to this data set PDS300A ENTER OPTION -- DSN=COBOL.LOADLIB,VOL=SER=ZZZ123 MEM= ... PDS062I User -supplied update history by CSECT -
CMS-XML The invalid command being built when building job from cmds in the current log
The invalid command being built using option '5 Batchjcl - Create a background StarTool job' then option '2 - Build StarTool batch job from commands in the current log' Customer reported this issue in 7.7.0 and I have reproduced it in 7.7.1. Steps To Reproduce 1. Enter A.10.6 from the FDM primary menu then hit enter key. 2.Supply the member name/mask/range as appropriate on the screen 3.Supply the DDNAME value as appropriate.
CMS-XML Where is the JCL ASM/LKED product tailoring options for the NON-SMP installs?
The FDM.JCL library does not contain any members PDS#---- that are needed to assemble / link options /security/etc. as instructed in the Installation Guide. Where can these members be located?
CMS-XML Can the StarBat Return Code Table (SZFRCTAB) be tailored for an individual user?
The source for the StarBat return code table is in the FDM.ASSEMBLE library with the assemble / link JCL in the FDM.CNTL library as noted below.
CMS-XML STR: Security for Modify VTOC options
The modify VTOC options are potentially dangerous and they are not available unless the StarTool SAMPOPT4 member (provided in the ASSEMBLE library on the installation tape) is modified to change $FIXANYD, $FIXDSCB and $FIXNAME to YES (They are delivered set to the default NO). You would then assemble and link SAMPOPT4 to update the PDS#OPT4 options member in the Startool load library.
CMS-XML Assembling the PDS#OPT4 module results in ASMA161W Only one TITLE statement may have a name field
MS-WORD - Use Option 4 - PEDIT
MEMBERS ===> (set to * or a member group to use MEMLIST to build a general purpose member list ) Other data set: See note below on member lists
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