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CMS-XML WebPageWidget is getting too many values passed in query string.
Where this becomes a problem is if you have a multi select with quite a few items selected it's creating the entire array of values once for each item number you have selected so the query string will get extremely long in no time. There is only a finite length a query string can be so it will eventually break the link .
CMS-XML RLC 5.1.1: When copy tasks from one Turnover another Turnover, only 1000 are returned
Be sure to pass a unique name to the copyTasks method, and give the link a new name. These changes are in bold below.
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
CMS-XML 'Add a User' in browser admin works only after selecting user from search result
1. Launch AE browser interface 2. Click on 'Administrator' link on top right hand side 3. Click on 'Add a User' link, notice that you get the popup to add a user
CMS-XML KB-DIM12.1: Can not select a Design Part in a build target for Serena Build.
If you have a project name with an special character such us “+”, for example WS_I+D…when being in the build configuration (admin console), and you try to associate a design part in the build target tab, you will get no design part at all to associate, the windows comes up blank, however as soon as you rename the project and remove the “+” to become WS_ID, you will be able to see the design parts and select one of them.
CMS-XML z/os build : incorrect data format picked up
scenario : - To reproduce it is supposed to get set-up a z/os build environement - create an empty project
CMS-XML build : 10.1.3 fix to select by default clean-up option not working in 12.2
1) Describe the problem & the customer's use case scenario? For the, it has been developped this fix to select by default the option 'Execute clean-up script before build ' :
CMS-XML "Related Baselines" relationship filter for Items user report
When user is building a Items user report in Web client, the Filtering | ---System Attributes--- box presents Related Baselines option under Relationships. This option does nothing as items cannot be related to baseline; the option is not presented when building Items report via Desktop Client
CMS-XML 12.2.2.x / build => z/os build invocation from sbm is causing lost of dependencies as SBM user is not set with APF authorization (RLM context)
Build is bounced from SBM end-user interface. This triggers a build job to be executed on z/os.
CMS-XML 12.2 : new projects aren't shown in the selection list of project when adding build configuration with a upgraded db
create a project in desktop client go to admin console, add a build configuration, in the selection list of projects, the project created in the desktop client doesn't appear in the list 2) What is the expected result?
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