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CMS-XML Problem: TRKINET: Internet Explorer could not open the site http://myserver/trackbin/wtms.dll . The connection with the server was reset .Using Tracker Inet with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 and Netscape FastTrack Server 3.01
Using Tracker Inet with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 and Netscape FastTrack Server 3.01 users can access all PVCS Tracker web pages but the following error message appears at regular intervals. Users are still able to submit scr's and use Tracker Inet.
CMS-XML How To: #53812: Troubleshooting connections to Sybase System 10
... Sybase System 10 connection ... install the Sybase Open Client-Library ... for the appropriate server and database settings ... ... ) Test the connection with WSYBPING utility ... Select the correct server and press OK Under the Connection menu, select Open Connection ... Enter the your user id , password, ... name and the server name NOTE: User IDs and passwords may be case sensitive. ... Assuming step 4 above works, the Intersolv ODBC Sybase System 10 driver should connect to the server . ... 1. Does the User ID have the appropriate privileges for the database you are using? ... The exact error message **IMPORTANT**
CMS-XML TRK: Error: "Submission of your SCR has failed" - OR - Error:"The Filename you entered is invalid or does not exist"
... on the Tracker Web Server . ... 4.0 Server . ... same on other web servers and operating systems ... ... , the Tracker Web Server needs to create ... The server running the Tracker I-Net web server needs a system ... ... (A " user " environment variable ... ... machine running the web server that hosts Tracker I- ... ... the bottom is user variables. ... -Net and Web Servers in general, ... ... as a different user . ... location on the server . ... you will either open up this folder, ... be given an error that the specified ...
CMS-XML Problem: Unable to Connect to SQL Server, Oracle, or SybaseThrough Tracker
The common error associated with not ... An error while attempting to ... that the ' Connection Information' is ... ... Invalid attribute in connection string: SERVER . This error is caused by incorrect configuration of the ... client, or incorrect login information such ... ... entry for your server in the current ... ... entry for your server this is where ... to supply the connection information which is ... - Server = Name of ... ... to specify the connection protocol. - Connection String = The ... Verify the connection information is valid ... ... connect to the server you should verify the connection information you supplied ...
CMS-XML PRO8 TRKINET Database information is not complete. Error: SQL state = 08003 (Microsoft) ODBC driver manager Connection Not Open
Most likely they have defined the database location incorrectly . You can get the DBMS Location from Tracker administrator server definition wizard. ... In the Tracker I-Net configuration page enter "<Oracle server name>; PORT=<prot_number>; SID=<sid name>" for the DBMS location using the Oracle Wire driver and/or the Oracle 8 driver.
CMS-XML Problem: From Trk Inet, Error: SQL State=S1000...Invalid attribute in connection string: WKID.
Named Pipes is a valid connection type, however, it is not as reliable as TCP/IP. ... TCP/IP Sockets, then under the Advanced tab set the server name, for the DLL name select TCP/IP Sockets and for the connection string specify the IP address,Port Number (1433 is the default Port Number) ... connection using ISQL_w, using the same user id and password that you are using from the Trk I-Net piece.
CMS-XML How To: #814: Troubleshooting an Oracle 7 connection
... an Oracle 7 connection ... ) Check the connection using the Oracle ... ... connect to the server . 1) Does the User ID have the appropriate priveledges for the database you are using? ... The ServerName should be the same as the SQL*Net connection string. ... (Oracle Server named ORASERV1 running under SPX) ... SID is the Oracle System Identifier and refers to the instance of Oracle running on the host . ... If the SQL*Net connection string contains semicolons, enclose it in quotation marks. ... The exact error message **IMPORTANT**
CMS-XML Error: [Intersolv][ODBC SQL Server Driver]ct_connect(): user api layer: internal client library error: read from the server has timed out
1) Open Sybase Central. Expand the Databases object, right click the needed database (project or trkmaster). Click Backup.
CMS-XML Error: NO WEB SERVER DETECTED when installing Tracker 6.x on an NT Server with Microsoft Internet Information Server
Before importing the registry information the user can open the attached trkinet1.reg in a text editor to view the information it will add.
CMS-XML PVCS Tracker 7.1.11
... .7 Supported Web Servers for Tracker I ... ... Platforms for the Web Server Install ... to Restart All Web Servers ... Not Automatically Update Server Definitions ... I-Net Web Server with Oracle Wire ... I-Net Web Server . ... SP 2 and Server SP 2 Windows ... ... 4.0 Server SP 6a ... ... .7 Supported Web Servers for Tracker I ... ... Platforms for the Web Server Install Windows XP ... install the Tracker Web Server on Windows XP ... ... cannot do a web server installation on Windows ... use for your web server installation.
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