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CMS-XML Dim: How to pass variable values (or parameters) into Dimensions Build
In some situations it is desirable to pass user -defined variables into a Build process to specify various options or values to be used.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: WSAD 5.1 Build 6.3.1 - explanation on wildcard options in WSAD for building Build projects
The followung url explains all the settings available for WSAD projects in WSAD to pass to Build .
CMS-XML Dim10: Build: Build specific clean up script
We pass the same options set as for regular build execution script. So all options from build configuration, build area and options defined at runtime would be available in cleanup script.
CMS-XML Dim: Build: How to capture the result of a BLD call
dmcli - user dmsys - pass xxxxxxx -host cmdimensionsdev -dbname cm_typical -dsn DCMTS -cmd "BLD CDP_TEST:TEST_04 /BUILD_CONFIG=BUILD_CFG_TEST_04 /AREA=BUILD_COLL_TEST04 /LOCK_SEARCH_PATH /BUILD_OPTIONS=(DMREBUILDALL=CURRENT,) /CAPTURE /CHANGE
CMS-XML 2009Rx / 12.x : Is there a variable in the build template script that refers to the corresponding Design Part ?
This does not exist, a workaround would be to have a user -defined attribute on an item set with the design part value and then pass this user -defined attribute value to the build template. To achieve this, you have to :
PDF Dimensions Build User’s Guide
This means the required -U option gets passed when needed. Dimensions Build User’s Guide Typical ADG Usage 65
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF83274: DM_MAKE and ADG not passing correct ws_dir structure
When dm_make calls another make or adg, it does not pass the ws_dir structure. If building dependancy file such as .md/<target>.md it will cd into the md directory and then fail to find the included files.
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2#11b: Build / NAS: "TPL1601105E CreateProcess failed:267 - The directory name is invalid" error message
=== Passing the template for execution cmd = cmd /c c:\temp\TPL-12~2.BAT >"c:\temp\tpl-1282902876-2-5b58-2.tmp" 2>&1
CMS-XML Dim10: BUILD: MDHREX4700001E insufficient message buffer ( 32000 )
For maximum possible speed, the feedback from REXX back into the template is done using a single block of memory, owned by the templater, and passed by address to the REXX. This is filled in at termination of the REXX process, with the messages that have been accumulated via the MDHSAY. This is very efficient, as long as the number of messages is not too great.
CMS-XML Dim10: Build of DB2 cobol program / IKJ56246I FILE DBRMLIB NOT ALLOCATED, FILE IN USE
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