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CMS-XML External mashup events give error in alfeventmanager.log.
2013-08-22 11:49:10,831 WARN [ http -] [org.eclipse.alf.eventmanager.axis 2 .SecurityImpl] [::] -- Access Denied attempting to login using credentials in message body
CMS-XML How to upgrade from Agile 2010 R1 or Agile 2010 R2 to Agile Planner 2.3
If you get any errors , copy them from the bottom half of the migration screen and create a support case for additional help. ... If you are upgrading from Agile 2010 R1 or Agile 2010 R 2 : ... You can download this utility from the Agile Planner page at http ://
CMS-XML How to upgrade a Agile 2009 R3 installation to Agile 2010 R1, or Agile 2010 R2, or Agile Planner 2.3
... 1 page at http :// ... If you get any errors , copy them from the bottom half of the migration screen and create a support case for additional help. ... If you get any errors , copy them and create a support case for additional help. ... If you would like to upgrade to Agile 2010 R 2 or Agile Planner 2.3, follow the directions in KB S137902 to continue the upgrade process.
CMS-XML Incorrect rollup type for End Date attribute
1. Launch Agile 2 . Open Setup->Configuration->Attributes setup->Attributes 3. Select End Date attribute, check rollup type
CMS-XML When edit rich text field on Summary view from Datasheet, get runtime error saying "Permission Denied"
1. Reports > any datasheet 2 . Right-click a story to open Summary 3. Enter text in Description or Acceptance Criteria (both rich text fields)
CMS-XML Pie chart gives error "Input string was not in a correct format"
Columns = Name, Description, QA Owner, Dev Owner, Estimated Effort Organize = Dev Owner 2 ) Create a Pie chart that uses Estimated Effort for the slices.
CMS-XML Error 1334 mariner2008_data_access_repo when installing agile ole db provider.
1. Describe the problem & the customer's use case scenario? Installing the ole db provider in the Agile 2010 R1.01 release gives the error in the title at the end of the install. 2 . What are the steps to reproduce the problem?
CMS-XML Webex: Problems joining a Webex returns Error 104
In order to resolve the issue, please advise your user to follow the below steps. Download, extract and run the WebEx services removal tool from http :// After running this above tool, please advise the user to download and install the meeting manager from the below link.
CMS-XML What's New or Getting Started screen shows error in Agile about Object Not Set to Reference or 404 file or directory not found.
If this key is missing completely run the following sql to insert it. insert into PES_System (sys_Section,sys_Key,sys_Value) Values ('PortfolioEdge','AgileOnDemandGettingStartedURL',' http ://') After running this you will probably have to restart IIS in order for the type system to reload.
CMS-XML When opening Documents Manager Administration, PPM Administration, or Agile Administration tool error "ConnectFailure.; Unable to connect to the remote server"
Click on the ASP.NET tab Make sure the ASP.NET version has 2.0 selected and not 1.0. ISSUE 2 : Double entry in web.config
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