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CMS-XML MVR: How to install Mover to another server and move the existing projects.
... be able to open each of the ... - Open the first project ... ... the new Mover server . ... on a Windows server you might want ... ... your original Mover server was setup to ... ... on the new server . ... and login with username admin and password ... ... the Name and Host Name field match the host of the new Mover server . ... | Sessions & Servers screen and click ... ... | Sessions & Servers screen and click ... ... will get an error that says " ... ... to match the host name of this install ... - Open the first project ... ... the new Mover server .
CMS-XML MVR: Error ''Login Failed. Merant:login failed.'' for all users other than Admin
VM must be installed on the Mover server . A good test is to log into VM from the Mover server and verify that the PDB can be opened . ... Enter a network username and password for a user has full privileges to the Mover installation and full privileges to the PDB UNC location.
CMS-XML Get "The syntax of the command is incorrect." error after upgrade.
... on the mover server with the following ... ... new status, hostname , username , password, ... SET host =%3 ... SET username =%4 ... For /F "tokens=1*" %%A IN ('%CmdLine% - host "% host %" -un "% username %" -pw "%password%" -prj "%project%" -cmd editPackage -id "%id%" -status "%status%" -port "%port%"') DO SET Return=%%A
CMS-XML MVR: Error ''This server is not connected to the administration database encoded in the license key. You cannot open any projects unless the admin database host and the host encoded in the license key match exactly.''
Notice the dropdown option called " Users and Groups". Change this to be "Setup"
CMS-XML MCLG: MVR: Error "ChangeMan Mover Agent exited the connection, Protocol negotiations failed, Credential does not allow authorized access."
For Collage look in the Deploy | Setup | Web Server screen and edit server where the agent is setup. Re-enter the password specified for the deploy agent.
CMS-XML MVR: The command indicates that an error occurred during execution. Exit value: 255 How to setup Version Manager source. VM
Project Database = This will equal the path just as it looks in the Version Manager user interface if you were to open it on the Mover server . In other words if you open the project database in the Version Manager ui on the Mover server then the path to that project database is what should also go into the Mover source.
CMS-XML How to reset admin password?
On the Mover server , find the <InstallDirectory>\Changeman Mover\sybase\win32 directory and open it in a dos prompt. ... In the id/pw dialog, enter "DBA" for the userid and "SQL" for the password, then click the "database" tab. ... When the screen opens , type the following in the bottom SQL window :
CMS-XML MVR: Pre or Post deployment command returns error " Peer bailed out suddenly"
Edit the deploy server being used Check the context path definition field and ensure the location defined already exists on the server running the Deploy Agent and the correct permissions are allocated based on the user that the Deploy Agent runs as. Another thing to check is to enter the call to the script in the deploy setup as:
CMS-XML VM to Mover 1.0 migration. Moving to new server. Login failed errors.
VM - Admin | Deployment setup. Make sure the server name is correct and that the project name matches (CASE sensitive) to the project name in Mover | System | users and groups | Authentication setup.
CMS-XML Execution of the remote command failed:Connection refused: connect
Error in deploy activity log after db deploy. Make sure the deploy agent is started.
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