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CMS-XML JavaScript passing parameter containing double spaces to appscript breaks the appscript
If you are using JavaScript on a form that then builds a URL to call an appscript, then you may encounter a problem after upgrading to
CMS-XML Deploy fails with compile error
This may be due to how many fields are being passed in the Mashup Event. To see if this may be the cause, uncheck fields from the Mashup Event, ensure the Mashup Tool reflects these new settings, then try to deploy. You should only send those fields which you need and actively use in the orchestration.
CMS-XML TeamTrack version build 66146 Patch
Version 1. ttAuthUID and ttAuthPWD authentication parameters passed in a URL are no longer ignored after a user has previously logged
CMS-XML TeamTrack version build 66154 Patch
Version 1. ttAuthUID and ttAuthPWD authentication parameters passed in a URL are no longer ignored after a user has previously logged
CMS-XML WebPageWidget is getting too many values passed in query string.
Where this becomes a problem is if you have a multi select with quite a few items selected it's creating the entire array of values once for each item number you have selected so the query string will get extremely long in no time. There is only a finite length a query string can be so it will eventually break the link .
PDF SolutionsBusinessManager11.3 WebApplicationSecurity Assessment
LDAP injection Work Center Passed . Link manipulation Work Center User Workspace Passed . Continued on the next page
PDF SolutionsBusinessManager11.4 WebApplication SecurityAssessment
LDAP injection Work Center Passed. Link manipulation Work Center User Workspace Passed . Multiple content types specified Work Center User Workspace Passed.
PDF Orchestration Scaling and Design in SBM
Choosing fields in the orchestration link – You can improve the performance of both asynchronous and synchronous workflows by limiting the data that is passed to the workflow. By default, all fields in the primary table are passed to an asynchronous workflow, but you can reduce that by deselecting any unnecessary fields in the Orchestration Link in the application.
CMS-XML Validation errors in orchestrations after upgrade to 10.1.3 or higher
Let us assume that you are passing a multi-relational field to an orchestration and that you have a statement similar to this, which checks for a value in the field (in other words, that there is something linked ): STRINGLENGTH(EventNotice.Extension.MyRelationalField[1])>0 In the past, the EventNotice definition would show the field MyRelationalField as an array of strings - hence the form of the statement above.
CMS-XML 'Add a User' in browser admin works only after selecting user from search result
1. Launch AE browser interface 2. Click on 'Administrator' link on top right hand side 3. Click on 'Add a User' link, notice that you get the popup to add a user
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