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CMS-XML Readme for SBM 10.1 as of 9th February 2012
o SBM User Workspace Changes ... Resolving InitExtension Failed Errors in the SBM User Workspace Notification Server (in the ... Server Operating Systems ... 2008 R2 Server Edition SP1 ... ... 2008 R2 Server Edition, 64 ... Oracle ODBC connections that use the ... * SBM User Workspace: Build ... ... * Enhanced Notification Server and Mail Client Users with appropriate privileges can open the new SBM ... in the SBM User Workspace: ... SBM Application Administrator opens to the Administrator ... ... it when you open SBM Application Administrator ... ... use an ODBC connection , so administrators ... Users with Managed Administrator ...
CMS-XML User Workspace gives error "HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error", or SSM gives error "No Catalog Found: Internal Error" Error loading entity from identity store provider: Invalid User ID or Password SBMDigitalIdentityHandler.invoke(325): Error opening context - idas: Invalid User ID or Password Servlet.error(93): A request failed with the exception Authentication failed.
CMS-XML Environment server is not accessible on URI: http://stal-vrtxp:80/gsoap/gsoap_ssl.dll?aewebservices70.
The workaround is to enter the IP address in the URI instead of the host name . ... Thus Mashup Manager doesn't need to ask the DNS for the IP address of the target environment and this prevents the " Connection timed out" error mentioned in the server.log ... Another reason is the user name or password you're logged into on box 1 doesn't match the user name or password on box 2. If you're logged in as admin on box 1 make sure the password for the admin account is the same on box 2
CMS-XML Notification Server could not recover after SQL Server connection problem and causes shutdown in progress errors
Notification Server could not recover after SQL Server connection problem and gets ns.log errors of "Could not open connection " caused by "SHUTDOWN is in progress".
CMS-XML When opening the SBM Application Administrator you get an error "Connection Error. Check your network connection or contact your system administrator".
and add the following for each worker, e.g, [SBMINSTALLDIR]\common\boss405\ server \default\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat55.sar\server.xml worker.worker1.max_packet_size=16384
CMS-XML If a non-privileged user tries to use WS getitemsbyquery, XML response message should not include item id reference
... non-privileged user tries to use ... referenced anyway if user is not privileged ... ... <urn: userId >lee</urn: userId > ... <urn: hostname >localhost</urn: hostname > The following incorrect response occurs: ... .oasis- open . ... -ENV: Fault > ... -ENV: Server </faultcode ... ... <faultstring> User Lee HR Manager ... <detail> User Lee HR Manager does not have the privilege to view item 0.&#xA;</detail> </SOAP-ENV: Fault >
CMS-XML First login after upgrade gives "This server is requesting that your username and password be sent in an insecure manner"
The server xxxx at TeamTrack requires a username and password. Warning : This server is requesting that your username and password be sent in an insecure manner (basic authentication without a secure connection ). After entering your SBM login information, SBM will load normally.
CMS-XML When installing Business Mashups, "I/O error - The network adapter could not establish the connection"
Edit the value in the "Database Hostname " to be the server name (or IP address) of the server hosting the Oracle Database (in some cases the server name will need to be the fully qualified server name).
CMS-XML Email Submit: IMAP connection uses Mailbox Name instead of Mailbox Email Address to login
Using POP3 you will see an error similar to this. The POP3 Command 'PASS' failed. Server Error : '- ERR [AUTH] Username and password not accepted.'
CMS-XML 413 error (Request entity too large) when accessing Application Administrator, Request Center, or Demand Center
In the connections pane, select the host name or root node . The host’s Home page appears in the main pane.
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