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CMS-XML How to test a port connection on a Windows Server
Open PowerShell on your Windows Server . Type: $TCPClient = New-Object -TypeName System.Net.Sockets.TCPClient Press enter.
CMS-XML DimCM: LicenseManager: When trying to login to Dimensions server, getting error "License server machine is down or not responding. (-96,491)"
Regarding the error message "License server machine is down or not responding. (-96,491)", it occurs when one of these 2 ports or both ports are not opened at firewall.
CMS-XML SLM: How do I move (rehost) my existing license keys to a new server?
: Cannot connect to license server system. (-15,10:10061 "WinSock: Connection refused"): VersionManager ( UserID
CMS-XML Launching SBM System Administrator or SBM Login Screen give error "InitExtension Failed" "License Server XXXX could not be contacted"
USE CASE 4: SBM cannot communicate with the License Manager server From the SBM web server machine, verify that you can ping the License Manager server using the same host name or IP address found earlier. If your SLM Server is not located in the same data center as your SBM server, check KB S137310
CMS-XML SLM vendor daemon cannot use "localhost" as SERVER identifier
... " as the server name in the ... , as the server name associated with ... ... Instead of the hostname provided on the SERVER line in the ... associated with the hostname . ... yielding the following error in the SerenaLicenseServer ... ) 12:17:33 (merant) EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 37 12:17:33 (lmgrd) merant exited with status 37 (Communications error ) 12:17:33 (lmgrd) Since this is an unknown status, license server 12:17:33 (lmgrd) manager (lmgrd) will attempt to ...
CMS-XML Server applications on Linux fail to re-bind to a TCP port when they are restarted within 60 seconds of being stopped
When a server process uses a fixed TCP port, stopping and restarting that process on a Linux OS may result in a failure indicating that the port is in use. For example, if your SLM (Serena License Manager) server is using a fixed port, restarting the server will result in the following error in the SerenaLicenseServer.log file: 12:32:13 (lmgrd) Failed to open the TCP port number in the license.
CMS-XML Required Operating System packages to run SLM 2.2.0 or SLM 2.3.0 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
... To solve the errors : ... stop the SLM server and to run ... ... To solve the errors : ... stop the SLM server and to run ... ... variant of the error is typically only seen when ksh users manually run lmutil ... ... To solve the error : ... 6: cannot open shared object file ... ... 6: cannot open shared object file ... ... .6: wrong ELF class: ... ... To solve the error : ... 6: cannot open shared object file ... ... 6: cannot open shared object file ... ... .6: wrong ELF class: ... ... To solve the error :
CMS-XML SLM: How to access the Serena License Manager through a firewall / What TCP ports are used by the Serena License Manager?
... and the SLM server requires two ports ... the generic FLEXlm server component that is ... ... , the lmgrd server will listen on ... ... the specified SLM server . Once connected to lmgrd, that server informs the client on what port the merant vendor daemon is listening, after which the client connects to this port to request a license. ... Access SLM through a firewall, requiring specific ports to be opened Allow SLM clients to specify a port in the license server connection string ... This file is located in the License Manager installation directory on the server , and can be changed with a text editor.
CMS-XML How can I see which licenses on the Serena License Manager (SLM) server are currently checked out by users?
On the system where the Serena License Manager is installed, open a command prompt window and go to the directory containing the license file serena.lic On Windows, execute the command get_concurrent_usage.bat On Linux/UNIX, execute the command ./get_concurrent_usage
CMS-XML SBM users sometimes consumes the wrong license for users that have named licenses assigned to them
Consuming a concurrent TeamTrack license Consuming and being assigned a named TeamTrack license (only when auto-create is enabled for named TeamTrack licenses on the SLM server and there are unassigned licenses) Consuming a concurrent TrackerInet license (only affects Professional and Tracker license users)
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