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CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Web Service: CreateRequest call returning HTTP Status 500 and not returning data to SBM
not been forwarded to any user. Operation completed" [DEBUG] leaving createRequest with exception: null [ ERROR ] org.apache.axis 2 .AxisFault at com.serena.dmwebservices 2 .DmwebservicesMessageReceiverInOut.createAxisFault( at com.serena.dmwebservices 2 .DmwebservicesMessageReceiverInOut.invokeBusinessLogic( at org.apache.axis 2 .receivers.AbstractInOutMessageReceiver.invokeBusinessLogic(AbstractInOutMessageReceiver.
CMS-XML Error "You do not have permission to create a search specification beginning with @WHERE" when running SQL Pass-thru reports
2 ) Change the URL at the top of the browser to go to http ://MyServer/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?adminpage&command=RefreshCache (Of course, use your server name.) This will refresh the IIS cache on the server. NOTE:
CMS-XML Query at Runtime Embedded Reports display error when clicking Show Full Interface
The server was processing this URL when this message was created: http ://st-vb-ah-sbm101/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?ReportPage&template=reports% 2 Flist&embedded
CMS-XML JavaScript error in empty drill-through reports
Code: 0 URI: http ://st-vb-ah-sbm101/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?ReportPage&Template=reports% 2 Frichgraphical&ReportId=277&percent=50&Sequence=1 This error does not show in IE 9 (even in compatibility mode) or Firefox.
CMS-XML Cannot use REST grid reports with non-tmtrack virtual directory
Unknown error received from http ://stal-az7- 2 k3c/xyzsbmproxy/xhp?url= http %3A% 2 F% 2 2 Fgeocode%3Fq%3DSpringfield%26flags%3DJ (404)
CMS-XML ALM 4.0.1: Check almopd.log for the source of problems when using the OPD section of ALM
"We did not find any matches for your request Unknown error received from http ://stal-vc-ora11/sbmproxy/xhp [url: ' http %3A% 2 F% 2 Flocalhost%3A8080% 2 Falmopd% 2 Fapi% 2 Frest% 2 Fcm% 2 FgetProducts%3FdesignMode%3Dfalse'] (404)"
CMS-XML HideSection for Tab fails if Tab to right is a DetailSection such as (attachment_section, subtask_section, etc..)
Error : is undefined Source File: http :// 2 .js Line: 1827
CMS-XML Links in distribution report throw exception error
When clicking on the count link in the results of a distribution report the following error is return An error occurred while processing the last request. The error was: ... IN ( 2 ,6,8))) ... http :// reports% 2 Flistframe&Target=DrillDow n&TableId=1000&ProjectId=1&incsub=1&F60=0&F56=
CMS-XML Clicking the Reset button on the Send E-Mail form gives javascript error
If you open the Send -Email form in an item and click the "Reset" button you will get the following javascript error . Webpage error details ... SLCC 2 ; .NET ... URI: http ://localhost/tmtrack/javascript/emailcontrol.js
CMS-XML JavaScript error warning when opening email window
In IE9 go to the advanced settings, untick "Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)", untick "Disable script debugger (Other)" and tick "Dispay a notification about every script error ". ... The script debugger will show errors as the following: Webpage error details ... SLCC 2 ; .NET ... URI: http ://hostname/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?IssuePage&Template=email&RecordId=1&TableId=1002&AttachmentId=0&ContactId=U3
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